I've thought for some time that it would be great to create a fan page for someone that is high-profile, but that wouldn't already have a fan page. Janet Reno was my first choice, but the time for that came and went. Dr. Blix had such a grand name, I knew he was the perfect subject. I dropped everything and put something attractive together. 

The Hans Blix Ultimate Fan Page went online December 7, 2002.  Dr. Hans Blix will not be in the news forever, but for the last 3 months, he has been as popular as the king of pop. He could sell advertising on his necktie.

An unexpected result of this popularity was that I began getting lots of interesting Blix and inspection-related email. Here they are for your analysis, unedited except for the removal of contact-information and subject headings.

The most recent mail is at the top. There are 32.

March 10, 2003

Well, I am still waiting for Hans Blix to "Prove" whatever it is he has to prove. He has had 4 months now and has apparently done little but wield the whitewash brush.(in the early days of U.S. commercial aviation, many companies kept "flying" squads whose job was to race to
the scene of any of their company's airplane crash sites and whitewash the name of the airline so photographers, newspapers and the general public could not see immediate evidence of the company's involvement.) 
Aren't you embarrassed at claiming to admire this fool?

Why are you wasting bandwidth on a saddam loving moron?


 I'm astounded to hear that Mr. Hans Blix has a fan page. In following his United Nations reporting, I find his logic to be either convoluted or conflicted. When he talks about Iraqi noncooperation during the inspections, his reports are truthful. When he makes excuses and
compromises his integrity he is being political and dishonest. Either he is serving his personal political objectives or is doing so at the behest (or pressure?) of others. In his latest report wherein he buries deep and does not verbally report on the floor of the UN any aspect of the unmanned drone aircraft he is undertaking questionable behavior. I wonder into the integrity of his entire work regarding these inspections. What other conclusion can one come to?

Matt Brager

Subject: So much for your IDOL....He is a traitor working for the FRENCH

The British and US ambassadors plan to demand that Hans Blix reveals more details of a huge undeclared Iraqi unmanned aircraft, the discovery of which he failed to mention in his oral report to Security Council foreign ministers on Friday. Its existence was only disclosed in a declassified 173-page document circulated by the inspectors at the end of the meeting - an apparent attempt by Dr Blix to hide the revelation to avoid triggering a war.

Drew Merkel

 I am curious about Hans Blix's finances. Was he getting a salary before his
position investigating Iraqi Weaponry, what was it and how much is he
getting paid now? It just seems to me that he doesn't want his new job to

Steve Bondorowsky

Your webpage is the 2nd biggest crock of crap in history. the first was the NAZI approach to the final solution. Your webpage is full of partial "facts" and is completely slanted. Sadam would be proud and the French should vote you the new president. FUCK YOU

USN Navy Retired 

PS If you have a single ball in you sack feel free to email me back!!!!!!!!! 

PSS Why dont you go there and act as a human shield. 

I was searching the Web when I found your page. WE admire Dr. Blix, and also consider him a great man !!! Thank you for the other little known facts. We have a Bushwhacker group that just adores Dr. Blix.
Thank you......


March 8, 2003

I do not believe that Hans Blix was hired, by the UN Security Counsel, to be a diplomat. He was hired to be an inspector, of which, it is quite obvious that he is not what he was hired to be. He must be in Sadam's pocket, there is no other excuse for the stunts that he is putting.
Russell Masterson


March 7, 2003

 i enjoyed your web page. hans blix for the nobel peace prize.
jim mittra


March 7, 2003

 Tank you for all Mr. Blix

Claudio De Maio


March 4, 2003

 My question to you all with regards to Iraqi disarmament is that logically, if the UN inspectors are constantly following up on USA and UK intelligence, and still coming up with absolutely no evidence of such existence, then unquestionably this proves that the USA allegations are false, or based on fake, or fabricated information or that the inspectors are totally incompetent ?




Feb 28, 2003

I have a lot of respect for Mr. Blix; however, I would like to see him not let Saddam turn his head in the matter of the El Samoud missiles. If his letter to Saddam worked so well, please send him another letter telling him that he has a week to totally disarm and not just get rid of some missiles that he is building more of.

Henry Shaw
Houston, Texas




-Ted Yost

Feb 23, 2003

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your website about Hans 
He truly is chief inspector of our hearts! :)


Feb 22, 2003 

I was looking for a email address to contact Mr. Hans Blix to give him a peace of my mind and I ran across your webpage on this undecisive pompous ass fool who doesn't want to take the responsibility and admit that Irag is not complying. He is being played like a puppet by the Iragi government. The reason is quite obivious why he doesn't come flat out and say what is really going on with Iraq and thats because he is Swedish and they always remain nuetral
on any issue, have we heard and peep out of the Swedish on the Iraq issue, NO!! this is why he make the comments that " Even though Irag still has not completely complied with the UN Resolution they are attempting to cooperate. Well you are either cooperating or not,there no middle ground here.

We would have resolved this damn issue months ago and the entire world community would not be at each others throat over this maniac (Saddam). Blix needs to have the balls to deal with the issue or get the hell out and let someone else make the necessary decision.

If you have a way to communicate this email to him please forward that information to me and by the way don't waist your admiration on this guttless puppet.


February 17, 2003 


Your naivity is beyond reproach. Hans Blix is perpetuating a disasterous process that has allowed Hussein, one of the worst tyrants of our generation, to continue to produce and disperse weapons of mass destruction.
It is the irresponsibility of unrealistic people like you, Blix and the French that have allowed these types of regimes to survive and flourish. If it were up to the French, they'd still be negotiating with the Nazis. When I view the behavior of France and England (pre-Churchill) prior to WWII, I ask myself "how could the free world have allowed this to occur - how blind and irresponsible were our forefathers?". I don't want my children asking
the same question of my generation.

Force should be the final option - and free countries should be willing to use it when necessary. France, once again, is afraid to or has alterior motives.

Eric Rhinestone

Rob, as a Hans Blix fan, perhaps you would share this "French Connection" story with Mr. Blix ASAP. It is extremely pertinent to the Iraq crisis. Thank you!


-Sally Mandarin


I enjoyed your website on Hans Blix. The Daytona 500 is scheduled to be run tomorrow, February 16th, you should send some information about Hans Blix's racing involvement to Foxsports.net. or the Fox Network. I think many NASCAR fans would enjoy hearing about his driving accomplishments.



Feb 17, 2003


My Swedish heritage and family find Mr. Blix discussing at best a hater of Democracy. 
-Alvin Johnson

Feb 16, 2003


"I admire Dr. Blix because he is diplomat and scientist that isn't 
afraid of getting into dangerous situations."

this page has got to be a joke. If "cowardice in the face of the enemy" 
were a civillian crime, this moron would be the first to be convicted. He is
nothing more than an old man trying to make a name for himself in light 
of all his failures. Hellen Keller would make 1000X the arms inspector of 

-Mike (mask), Ohio

Feb 15, 2003


Dear Dr Hans Blix,
Pl accept my compliments for your honest and firm position on 
Iraq. The weiling mothers of Iraq will always be grateful to you 
even if the Americans dont respect the UN and go to war.
May God reward your sense of justice, courage and righteousness. 
May God reward saving the lives of millions of human beings in 
I have this worry about you. There was another righteous Swedish 
diplomat Mr Dag. He was an irritation for the Americans and he was 
promptly killed in a scheduled plane crash. Pl take care. May God 
save you.
Fathima, a mother from India for the mothers of Iraq

-Fathima Hassan

Feb 14, 2003


I cannot believe the comments you made about Colin Powell. You are dead wrong. You are playing God with the FATE of the world. Iraq is playing you for a fool. The UN and yourself are nothing without the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We do not need you or the UN. I have nothing further to say. 


cant you suggest to hans a retirement chalet in switzerland

www.emainvest.com and I have solutions for economic development, we already work in africa troubled countries

francois leca

Feb 11, 2003

i am looking for Dr.Hanz Blix emial
kindly can you send it to me


-Lama Ahmad

Feb 8, 2003


Dear Rob--I was fascinated by your fan page. I, too, have the utmost 
admiration for Hans Blix. People are constantly asking me if I am related to 
him. Do you have any idea about his genealogy or do you know someone who 
might know? Thanks.

Fay Blix

Feb 7, 2003



I'm editor at Scanorama, the international inflight magazine of SAS
(Scandinavian Airlines) nd I'm working on a profile on Mr. Hans Blix. I
checked your cool web site and saw that picture of that Volvo rally 
car. Where did you get that picture? And is it really Hans in the driver 
seat? Just couldn't believe what I saw. Blix history and past times are not 
very well known in Sweden.

Best regards!

Thomas S


Feb. 4th, 2003

Hello, Please forward on to Han Blix what we know. i.e. 

1. Having lived in the mid-east we know that Arabs are not meticulous record keepers, not documenting something does not necessarily mean concealment or non-cooperation. Prompt response is not how the Arab mind works, "Bukhre Inshallah" It means "tomorrow " ":God willing"... their reaction time and in fact sense of time is very different than a western person's. They are not little Americans or little Europeans and cannot be expected to march to the same drummer.

2. As to Biological weapons.... I hope Dr. Blix knows that a seed culture from the American Type Culture Collection of any pathogen... can be as small as a pencil's eraser.... and I mean in diameter not in volume. This means that the seed to grow anthrax could be concealed indefinitely in a home refrigerator simply taped to the wall. Getting more anthrax is done by hydrating and growing this portion (in ones kitchen) if necessary until one has enough for a weapon. Take care.... Margaret & Ellen 

Thomas S


Feb 1, 2003

Dear Rob,

Ive just surfed in on your site about Mr Blix.

It was interesting..... but

As far as I know, Dr Blix has never appered in a rallyevent.

Ive bin in the rally-business sins 1968, (in Sweden)
and have never heard of Mr Blix, as a rallydriver.....

Im sorry but you must have mixt him with someone else....

(Sorry about my poor English...)


Andres Haas in Uppsala

January 14, 2003

Dear ignorant and daft fool,

You should be ashamed of yourself for getting involved
with a man that is no more than a mere stooge, pigeon
and spy for the US. 

Unless you are one yourself you will see that Blix
represents only himself and the US here. There are no
indications that this deceitful man represents the UN.

Shame on you. I hope the oil is worth it to you, Blix
and the US.

May your conscience continue to prick you till your
last days on earth.

Dave Olowo


Dec 29, 2002

Dear Rob Cockerham,

I love your Hans Blix page. Not only did i learn much about the man,
but you did the page so RIGHT, accessible and pretty and informative.

I am so fond of Hans Blix and am in turn fond of someone who can
represent him like you have.

One question, i'm desperately hoping that you pronounce his name
"Blicks" not "Blee." Even if it is in fact Blee i will continue to
refer to him as Mr. Blix. 

Another thing, his title: the NYT calls him Mr. Blix, disregarding his
Dr. title. Do you know why? Are they snobbily not counting his
honorary degree, or is Mr. the official title of members of the UN, or
any other explanation? 

You can't deny that 'Mis-ter Blicks' has quite the ring.

Wonderful site!
claire E.


Dec 23, 2002

I had no idea there was Hot Rally Action is his past! Hooray for
Hans Blix! Hooray for The Ultimate Hans Blix Fan Page!!

Isaac Taylor


December 16, 2002

My main purpose in writing is that I wanted to contact Hans Blix but so far
can't find any way to do so. He probably wants it that way!

I just wanted to say to him that as a boy in Iraq during the 1950s (father
in oil there) I remember the guys on the pipeline had quite a good potholing
club going. This was in the north, west of Kirkuk (actually where the
pipeline crosses the Euphrates, on K3 pump station).

They would come back with stories of underground rivers and lakes, and
potholes going down 40 feet and more. I guess the main point at that time,
apart from the excitement of exploration, was that if the water was only
pumped up, the "desert would bloom". Right now I have a strong image in
mind of Saddam using the potholes to stash his weaponry. It'd make a great
hiding place. If Hans B's Commission does not know of this already they
should check it out.

If you know of any way to get this thought to him or his Commission it might
do some good.

Michael M

That's it. Thanks for reading them all! I wrote Al Bott back and yes,  it sounded like he was serious. 

Don't forget to visit the Hans Blix Ultimate Fanpage soon, but don't trust everything you read online, no matter how attractive the graphics are.

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