Part Three - Alicia's Letter

On December 17th, Alicia wrote.

Dear Rob

Hi, how are you? This is in response to your website page which I have just had a look at:

I'm Libby Davidson. I was recently in a cafe in Auckland (New Zealand) and I was enjoying a quiet lunch. I had a waiter that said to me he thought he recognized me, and wondered where he knew me from. I just smiled and politely laughed. When he came back to clear our table, he said that he had figured it out, and thought that I was the person on a website that he was a great fan of, and wanted my autograph.

Me, being quite confused and wondering which website, asked him for the address. I am a model you see, and it's quite likely that I would be on the net somewhere.

I never expected to see what I saw though.

Gladly I can see the funny side of it. But I will be getting my lawyer to investigate why my picture is being so frequently used everywhere without my knowing!

Thought that you would appreciate a bit of an update, and that you have found your mystery Alicia!

Sincerely Libby.


How about that? Alicia's real name is Libby, and she found her own story on!

Good luck with the modeling! Personally, I think you've got great potential. I can see you in all kinds of different advertising campaigns!


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December 26th, 2004.  

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