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Network Name, Optional Comments

Comedy Central, Whatever! I watch what I wanna watch! Whatever! Respect my au-thor-uh-tie!
F/X.  Best original shows on basic cable or broadcast - period.
VH1, Random has-been celebrities and recap shows!
Adult Swim, Family Guy
Animal planet or Comedy central
G4 or the  CURRENT Network
Comedy Central, Home the only news show worth watching, The Daily Show
Food Network, from Paula Deen and pig parts to Giada Dilaurentis and her girly parts!
The Weather Channel
Discovery, MythBusters rocks.
Comedy Central, The Daily Show rocks!
Fuse, they play the good music
Comedy Central, South Park - Simpsons - Stewart: I like a trifecta where nobody dies.
Discovery Channel
Food Network, Alton Brown!
Cartoon Network, Justice League and Teen Titans.  Hell yes.
Fox- sometimes you just want to watch mindless comedies and dramas
Hrm... Used to be NBC till they got rid of Friends.  Now I'd have to say Comedy Central works for me!
TBS, Chandler! Joey! Ross! Monica! Rachel! Phoebe!
Nickelodeon GAS
Cartoon Network, during the Adult Swim hour. Why? 1 word. Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law. Okay, so that's 5 words.
My point still stands!
Comedy Central, My Window was vanilla flavored today!
Rob T.V. (The Rob Cockerham Channel) Wait did i spill the beans
Comedy Central
Discovery, Mythbusters 4 Life!
The Food Network - but only the cooking shows, not the stupid "10 fanciest diners in Aspen" and "outrageous tortilla-chip
factories!" specials.
Cockeyed TV, Please? Please? Please?
CNBC - Mad Money and Ron INSANE-ah
much music.  canadian music broadcaster with wicked specialty channels. ie: much more retro
Court TV. Or the History Channel. Maybe Discovery. Ack...I can't decide. Look what you've done.
Comedy Central, I pay every month for just this one channel
Channel 4 (UK), it's all good
The Military Channel
ABC - Lost! Lost! Lost!
Lifetime - The Womens Channel
A&E  (Drama, crime, reality, and sometimes you learn stuff too!)
VH1, Who doesn't love the 80s???
Spike TV. I only dislike one show in their entire lineup.
SciFi, Stargate! Stargate! Stargate!
HBO, So many DVD's of so many good shows.
Food Channel.
NBC, You're the man CONAN!
Fox, but only because of the Simpsons
Bravo, West Wing reruns all the time!
HBO, Rome - Sopranos - Curb Your Enthusiasm - HBO Sports Specials (i.e. Curse of the Bambino and others).
Simply put HBO has the best crap on TV and they give their shows free reign to do whatever they want.
No advertisers to piss off.
Cartoon Network, [Adult Swim]!
YES: The Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network.  The Network of Champions, and the home of the Yankeeography.
FX, Rescue Me, Over There
Food Network.
IFC, Dinner with friends.
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim
Cartoon Network, After 10pm(CST) [adult swim] is the bee's knees
Spice Network, That chick from the talk show on Sat nights!
Discovery Channel, Mythbusters Baby! mbl
Comedy Central, Why not laugh?
Discovery Channel, MYTHBUSTERS is almost as cool as "How Much Is Inside!"
ABC, Lost 
Comedy Central
Cartoon Network- adult swim all the way.
PBC, educational and no commercials
ABC, for comedies
CBS, for reality tv
Food TV. Alton Brown, baby!
NBC for news
CBS for entertainment
PBS - Nova Nova Nova!
Discovery Channel, Mythbusters yo.
Tech TV, Shows about video games, gadgets, robots.
History Channel
History Channel
Comedy Central, John Stewart Rules
Teletoon; YTV; Spike
Food Network
Fox: Arrested Development, Prison Break, Simpson, Family Guy, American Dad, etc.
G4, Video games-a-plenty....oh, and Morgan Webb
Fox, due to the simpsons and house m.d.
cartoon network, adult swim rocks.
Food Network, any network that has Alton Brown and Chairman Kaga is okay by me.
Comedy Central.  I almost never watch TV unless I'm visiting the family, or in a hotel room.

So if I can't pop a DVD in or play a video game, Comedy Central is the channel I turn to first, 
and am most likely to leave on in the background.
I don't watch TV.
C-SPAN. Two words, baby: subcommittee meetings.
Food Network!
No, my viewing habits are similar to yours.
I don't watch TV anymore, I think it's lame.
Fox, regrettably. 24 and The Simpsons are a huge plus, enough to knock out their stupidity in canceling Firefly and Greg The Bunny.
USA, Monk, L&O SVU, whoot.
None!  I am one of the few Americans who doesn't own a TV.  You'd be amazed how much free time

I suddenly found myself with when I gave up
that particular addiction.
FOX = Family Guy + American Dad + Arrested Development = awesome
(to be honest, i usually only 'catch' Arrested Development on FOX. which is the same number of shows i catch on ABC, NBC, and UPN.

but FOX would win with the number of watchable shows in total.)
CBS, CSI is the best show ever--Grissom is hot!
Fox, The superb acting skills from the cast of The O.C. are unmatched!
Star World! 
ABC, Best News
Comedy Central
Food Network.  Good Eats! and 30-Minute Meals!
spike tv
vH1, excellent humor and nostalgia
Comedy Central Cause John Stewart is the only man for me..... If I wanted a man... cough
ITV (Tanzania)
I love the Weather Channel because hurricanes make me randy.
ABC, as in the Australian Broardcasting Corporation 
Fox News, Regis! Regis! Regis!
cartoon network, g4
AMC, Now, I can finally enjoy 'Pulp Fiction' without all those pesky expletives!
TNT, Law & Order
BBC America, when they show British Comedy.
TLC, Rides! Choppers! Hot Rods! Foose is a genius!!
FOX, but only for comedy, not for reality shows.
Cartoon Network, The Venture Brothers and other oddities
Cartoon Network's Adult Swim - No question!
HBO, Ali G, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Deadwood, The Wire, Carnivale, Sopranos, etc.
NBC, Goran Visnjic on ER makes the world go round. Raowrrrr.
CBS, Survivor; The Amazing Race; CSIs; better news
TLC- Adam Corolla Project, among many others..
Sci-Fi Channel, SciFi Fridays, baby!
NBC, I've had a strong brand loyalty since the Golden Girls came out when I was a kid.
FOX, I don't have cable and it's the only channel my rabbit ears get.
Netflix, only the best showest are DVD's
sci-fi, Because they have Stargate and Battlestar Galactica. All Their other programming is crap
Food Network.  Mmmmm...
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim! Anime! Tom and Jerry!
CartoonNetwork, The most accurate news!
Comedy Central--fake news is the only news for me!
PBS, your taxpayer dollars at work, bitch!
Comedy Central, All because of The Daily Show
HBO, I don't subscribe, but I love the Sopranos and Six Feet Under on DVD!
Fox News, I enjoy most news stations but the fact that this network is so reviled makes it more of a joy to watch!

Also, like, they have gotten some awesome scoops.
Comedy Central, Jon Stewart is my hero.
PBS, Nova! Nova! Nova!
Food Network, Except when it's Emeril
TNT - Law and Order reruns, baby.
Fox, home of shows just too good to stay on the air.
FOX, Good sports coverage! 24! Family Guy! Prison Break!
History Channel, "Mail Call" Hoorah!
I'd like to make a negative vote for the WB!.
HBO, it's not TV, it's HBO!
Discovery Channel, Dirty Jobs, American Chopper, HIGH COMEDY
discovery channel, science rules
Food Network, Iron Chef saves me from mid-studying desolation!
I'm addicted to the Food Network. It's a good thing I don't have a TV these days, or I'd sit in front of it all the time watching Emeril.

Except that I hate Roker on the Road. Al Roker is a horrible, horrible host.
The Hitler (History) Channel is also usually good, except when they show crap, which is about 25% of the time, plus commercials

(no one cares THAT much about buying Band of Brothers on video).
Vh1 Classic, always something good to watch
The WB
my "go-to" channel.... Food Network!
CNN, Propaganda! Propaganda! Propaganda!
FoodTV, Alton Brown kicks ass!
discovery channel
OLN, Hockey is back...on some weird channel...
cartoon network
Comedy Central
Food Network, Alton Brown is the God of cooking!
BBC, Best of British
NESN -- RedSox Baseball -- the ultimate reality series
Comedy Central, though only when the Daily Show might be on
Cartoon Network, because I can watch cartoons for 47 out fo 48 hours.
FX, great original shows.....
ABC, 4815162342
Telemundo.  I don't speak Spanish, but the girls in evening gowns

hocking "Tide con color-safe bleach" on Sabado Gigante are teh hawt.
Comedy Central
The Learning Channel
Turner Classic Movies, good movies and no commercials. TCM is also good because it comes with basic cable (I don't get HBO).
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim beyatches!
Cartoon Network
BBC America, everything else just fills in the gaps
Comedy Central
Comedy Central, History Channel
Discovery Channel, fer the learnin'
FOOD Network
Cartoon Network - I always end up going back to this channel for their 'Adult Swim' programming...
Red Hot Amateur, Rawr!
Food Network - Alton Brown rocks!
comedy central and food network
Food Network, Giada De Laurentiis, HOT, HOT, HOT!!
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim is the best!!!
Discovery Channel, I love Mythbusters, and anything on Discovery Science!
The History Channel , I watch a fair amount of TV and have a good amount of shows I like to watch.

But evenry night without fail when I hit the Hay I turn on the history channel.
Not because I am into everything they talk about on that channel but all of the nighttime shows are narrated

- so you dont have to look at the tv to know whats going on. - puts me out in no-time
Comedy Central, Jon! Jon! Stephen!
Animal Planet, Ingo, CUDDLY PUPPIES!!!
National Geographic, Apes, Apes, Cheeta
Al Jazeera, hell yeah!
FOX, Family Guy, Simpsons, American Dad.
CBS. letterman.
Sci-Fi Channel, Battlestar Galactica
Food Channel, Iron Chef
IFC - I've never heard of most of the movies they show so I have no expectations. I'm usually pleasantly surprised. Also, no commercials!
History Channel
PBS, Lehrer! Lehrer! Lehrer
Gameshow Network, Richard Dawson on Family Feud and Matchgame! Yay!
Spike TV, All the best reruns
snuffsaid from the UK, im a big fan of paramount comedy channel myself which is avaliable on satelite here
Fx. I chose them because they are trying to offer content that aren't laugh track backed mindless sitcoms.

Was "Everybody Loves Raymond" really ever funny? It just made me uncomfortable.
-Francis, Bakersfield, CA.
PBS, Everybody should support it!
BBC, no adverts, and the best news website in the world
The WB. Gilmore Girls. Enough said.
NBC, for several years we did not have cable, and the local NBC channel was the only one that would come in,

although snowily (is that a word?). We've been partial to NBC ever since.
YTV, in Canada only (website:
Teletoon, in Canada only (website:,
ESPN, the worldwide leader
Cartoon Network; gotta love family guy, futurama, and aqua teen hunger force. btw I'm this weird? probably...but then,

I go to your website as well...
Sky One - Simpsons
Bravo, Gay! Gay! Gay!
HBO, Sopranos, Rome, Carnivale, Deadwood.... need I say more?
Comedy Central, The Daily Show!!!!
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim is great!
Scifi, even though MacGyver isn't on Stargate anymore.
SciFi, guaranteed to be predominately comprised of hilariously awful B-movies, but then there are some real gems of shows in there.
PAX, "Nothin's better than PAX!"
Cartoon Network
FOX, Only network that has Family Guy, American Dad, and Simpsons FIRST!!
CBS: Survivor! CSI!
VH1 Classic, Where else can you see all those wicked awesome 80's videos?!
VH1, I LOVE THE 80's and I LOVE THE 70's!!!
TechTV. RIP.
speed channel
Discovery Channel, The travel channel used to be number one but now they show almost non-stop poker which has nothing to do with traveling.
Damned pining for ratings.
History Channel, and or Discover. PBS's NOVA when it's on. 
PBS, who can resist Rick Steve's travels through Europe?
Nick GAS, Legends of the Hidden Temple
I don't watch TV, I'm above that.
Discovery Channel, I like to learn myself up real good.
Nbc, I have no cable ;_;
Cartoon Network
the family channel, gotta love those 90's reruns!
It has become incumbent in my reasoning that I have neither cable nor an antenna. All the networks suck, equally.
FX, Rescue Me
CityTV, Toronto station
Showcase, Trailer park boys and sleasy cable porn, oh my!
Bravo, Queer Eye, Celeb Poker, Project Runway: guilty pleasures abound!
C-SPAN, because it's exciting to watch!
Comedy Central, only a few minutes at a time on the Internet because we don't have television. 
Food Network, All Hail Alton Brown, for the Eats are Good!
KET1 and KET2, I love documentaries!
Fox for pioneering the FOX box. And for not being ABC.
AZN television, Asia Street Comedy!
TV Land:  Old sitcoms are the only thing worth watching
Food Network; I love Alton Brown
ABC Family: Step by Step, Full House & Boy Meets World
I have a few favorites.  Comedy Central, VH1, the Military Channel, History Channel and TBS (very they say).
NBC.  You can't beat the Law & Order truimverate, particularly L&O:SVU which features

the talented Mariska Hargittay and her amazing...deductive ability.
Discovery Channel
ABC, Lost.
ABC.....primarily because of "Commander In Chief", and "Boston Legal".
ABC, Peter! Peter! Peter! ooo wait, hes dead.
FOX, Simpsons!  Family Guy!  (Not their news!!!)
Comedy Central, Stella Forever (hopeful thinking?)
Food Network, I love Good Eats! Alton Brown is teh r0x0rz!
Comedy Central - Daily Show in Particular
Discovery Channel - American Choppers...
The History Channel, Hitler!
The WB, Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit!
Comedy Central, Discovery & G4TV.  Humor, mythbusters and choppers and computer!
Anything on my massive 1 terabyte array of video content.  I accept no alternatives.
Tie: Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, ATHF, Futurama, I like Cartoons/MTV, I'm a slacker drone
The educational network: Discovery, TLC, Travel, National Geographic, History, Food TV for the win.

(I know they are more than one channel, but I consider them as one.
I left a not so nice message, and now I feel badly.  Damn my rock hard morals!  Hearts and things.
SciFi, Stargate SG-1!!
COmedy Central!
History Channel
SciFi Channel
SBS Australia, Because they always have something interesting on.
History Channel
TBS, Family Guy! Family Guy! Family Guy!
Discovery , Myth Busters
Fox , House
Cartoon Netwwork, Adult Swim! omg aqua teen hunger force!
[adult swim]
channels with snowy static, not because it looks like The Ring though
Turner South.  It's a regional netowork broadcasting in TN, AL, GA, MS, SC, NC.  JUNKIN'!!!!!
Comedy Central, Daily Show! Daily Show! Daily Show!
HBO, Rome! Rome! Rome!
The Internet! Bittorrent! Bittorrent! Bittorrent!
Food Network, Tyler Florence!!
RFD, Because I have Classic Tractor Fever!
I hate television.  Also, television networks.
TBS, With Seinfeld, Friends, Sex and the City, and Family Guy, it really is Very Funny.
AFN (Armed Forces Network).  OK, it's not my favorite, but it's the only one we get over here.
CTV, Lost/CSI/Alias - can you get any better?
Discovery Channel
BBC America
Fox Soccer Channel.  Soccer players are hot. 
SciFi, because they show movies like Frankenfish
Comedy Central - MIND OF MENCIA
It's called "Off."
Discover Channel!
Court TV
ABC (Australia), lawn bowls on saturday afternoons.
[adult swim]
Food Network, Alton Brown
Animal Planet!  You can never have enough marmots.
FOODTV, Good eats and Iron Chef
Broadcast? ABC- Lost is the best show on network TV.
Overall- HBO.  You can't go wrong with shows like Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Oz, and Deadwood.
GSN, the network for games.
CBS, CSI's, Without a Trace, Cold Case, Amazing Race
HGTV: Home and Garden Television Canada
Discovery Channel
Food Network
Sci-Fi. The new Battlestar Gallactica is great!
Fox, Simpsons! Simpsons! Simpsons!
PBS, nothing beats British imports and education.
HBO, Can't be without it.
Fox!! with the Futurama,the Simpsons, King of the hill, Malcom,  24, COPS, and the Worlds best police chases,

no other network even comes close.
HBO, original productions
None, with Tivo I've discovered that I'm completely unaware of networks, channels, or times. 

I couldn't tell you all the networks I watch if you paid me.
FOX, Newstainment! Newstainment! Newstainment!
ESPN, Regis! Regis! Regis!.
BBC, British! British! British!
@^#$!*@^, Planet Zenob
Bah, TV sucks.  Your local, public library is a better source of entertainment.
Food channel makes me the hungry. I am the best.
HBO - Sopranos
History Channel
NBC- E/R,Law and Order CI,Law and Order the original, Law and Order SVU ...(RIP-Seinfeld,and Friends.) 
Food Network, Like a delicious dinner but for my eyes.
comedy central
Comedy Central, South Park is the only show worth watching
fox, if only for sunday nights and arrested developement
HGTV.  I'm a girl.
NBC, Brian Williams is trustworthy.
Comedy Central
CHEX Television, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Celebrating 50 years!
television channel 117 is a test pattern for a lot of TVs. I like that one a lot. 
FOX, With The Simpsons and Family Guy, who could ask for more?
Documentary Channel
speed tv
ABC, They've really stepped up their programming and while I like a lot of the "CSI-esque" shows that other networks offer,
a good majority of my TV time is spent watching ABC for both quality  entertainment and local news here in Oklahoma City.   ~ Chris
WB, One Tree Hill, Everwood, Gilmore Girls!!!!!
The Food Network, how can you not love IRON CHEF?
G4, Addicted to Happy Tree Friends and Friends (only for the Friends part though)
Comedy Central, like most of those stoners Bill O'Reilly talked about, I get all of my news from The Daily Show
OLN, Hockey is back on TV!
PBS, News Hour
Comedy Central, Daily Show
Discovery Channel
Cartoon Netowork, I loves me cartoons!
comedy central, DAILY SHOW! DAILY SHOW!
History Channel, I love Mail Call.
Discovery Health, Blood! Guts!
Lifetime, The Golden Girls RULE!
UPN, America's Next Top Model
The Space Network, it's only on Canadian cable networks.
Discovery, When I had satellite.. :(
comedy central.  Jon Stewart, South Park, etc.  need I say more?
Comedy Central, Discovery, History
Comedy Central, Jon Stewart Rules!
Comedy Central
Cartoon Network!!!!!!11111one one one eleventy one one one!!!1
Comedy Central - they have a lot of crappy shows, AND JON STEWART!
ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation!
PBS, Red Dwarf! RED DWARF! Red Dwarf!
Discovery, Mythbusters ahoy!
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central.. Jon Stewart rules!!!
TLC, stories about weird medical stuff, i like em alot.
FOX, arrested development, house
NBC, Late Night with Conan O'Brien
History Channel
WB, only for Smallville.  Nothing else.  News I take from everywhere.
comedy central
ABC, Lost!!! Desperate Housewives!  Grey's Anatomy!  It's all so fantastic!
Speed Vision, Speed baby!  Aw Yeah! Speeeeeeeed!
Fox for their great shows which are cancelled within the first season. HBO for their great shows which they allow to build an audience.
Comedy Central, Jonathan
Fox, Arrested Development rules
HBO, the world needs more shows without laugh tracks
The Game Show Network (GSN), Who can say "no" to Richard Dawson molesting women on Family Feud?
Fox, sadly. It's only because of Arrested Development. Best. Show. Ever.
Comedy Central, The Daily Show is good.
A&E, documentaries galore!
YTV, Canadian children's network. Lots of anime on Friday nights. You're never too old for cartoons!
FX, we don't get it in Israel, but they make great shows!
CourtTv, Cops!, Cops!, Cops!
Comedy Central, Boopadoop!
CBC, Hockey Night in Canada!  Don Cherry rules
2-way tie, ABC and CBS  Lost and Survivor, the 2 best shows on TV!
Food Network, Whoose Cuisine Reigns Supreme?
CBC, Hockey Night in Canada! Hockey Night in Canada! Hockey Night in Canada! Hockey Night in Canada! Hockey Night in Canada! 
DIY Network, Router Workshop
Fox.  I'm ashamed to admit that, but in my own defense the only show I watch is House.

Anything else I watch is a product of channel-surfing.

If FoxNews comes on, though, I quickly say a loud curse word and change the channel.
Penn & Teller's Bullshit!
Comedy Central
Whatever netwotk "CSI" is on.  Oh and Fox, since they air "House"
Food Network
CBC, when they aren't locking out their workers.
National Geographic Channel
TLC What not to Wear!
HGTV - The Broken House Chronicles (sadly no longer being aired) RULED!
Discovery, Mythbusters! Mythbusters! Mythbusters!
Keep your friends close, CNN closer (read: CNN=The Enemy)
TBS, Something to only admit anonymously...
History Channel, Let's see the Allies win WWII one more time!
TRhe bravo channels....
Public Television, hands down.  (Except during the Olympics or the Tour de France.)
FOX, That 70's Show and the Simpsons
I'm stationed in Kuwait with the Army. Somehow we get a channel called Fashion TV. It's the best channel ever.
ABC-Housewives, Grey's !!
turn it off, it is a drug of the nations
CBC, Hockey Night in Canada
Cartoon Network, Power-Puff Girls rule!
NASA TV!!!!!!!
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim! Adult Swim! Adult Swim!
Turner Classic Movies - Letterboxing Rocks!
FOX, All I have to say is "The Simpsons"
CNN:  Yes, I really am that boring.
Home shopping network
Food Network
Cartoon Network, [ADULT SWIM]
PBS, Nova + New Yankee Workshop + Arthur
HLN, CNN headline news
food network
ABC. Who's the Boss, Charles in Charge, Eight is Enough. Oh, can't forget the Facts of Life or Small Wonder! Ah, good times.
It like to watch OCDTV. My favorite show is the one where the guy checks to make sure his stove is off for the entire half hour.

Very entertaining. I feel very compulsive about seeing every episode.
Space!!! i LOVE star trek for some odd reason! 
ABC. Bob Saget. Comic genius.
ABC - Evangeline Lilly, Jennifer Garner, Eva Longoria! Now that is some TALENT!!!
Tie: Turner South & TBS, same reason for both: Altanta Braves. 
Comedy Central
Your Website Rocks brother.  Keep it up.
PBS... there's a lot of crap on t.v. these days, and the stupid commercials are enough to make me want to blow up Geico.
Fox, The Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama
cartoon network: ADULT SWIM.!
Nick @ Night
Lifetime, anyone remember the classic Delta Burke movie, "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?" or that one with Sally Field,

"Not Without My Daughter Who's Battling Cancer and an Eating Disorder at the Same Time"?
CBC, Craig, Peter Mansbridge is my man.
speed television
espn 2, DCI World Championships!
Discovery Channel
food network
Fox, oh my prison break.  
Comedy Central
sci-fi, stargate mondays
cartoon network, [adult swim]
Comedy Central. Word.
Discovery Channel, Orange County Chopper
Channel 10, Australian Free-to-Air TV
Food Network, Iron Chef
Comedy Central
The Food Network, Alton Brown AND Iron Chef?
Food TV
Comedy Central, barely a boring program on there.
Fox News .... Brigette Quinn!!!
CBC Canada, which is essentially now BBC1 as they've replaced all programming with Coronation Street due to the strike
Cartoon Network
FOX, Pure low quality crap at the end of a serious work day
LOGO-an all gay network-its just good entertainment!!
The Food Network. Alton Brown should be King.
Right now, it's anyone who carries hockey games. But normally, I'd have to go with PBS.
Fox news
MTV2/Food Network.  I like MTV2 because of 24 hours of foo and music vids.  I like Food Network because I am an asspiring chef.
I also like the fact that when you put cake batter in the oven, It comes out fluffy.  It interests me.
Comedy Central
Cartoon Network... Fam-i-ly Guy!!!
FX/Fox, Rescue me, Arrested Development, Family Guy, American Dad.
Comedy Central, gg
Fox News, O'Reilly Factor
Food TV, When I was a kid and all the other kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons,
I was watching Saturday morning cooking shows on PBS like Yan Can Cook and Julia Child -
now all the great cooking shows are all on one channel!
I have TiVo. What's a network?

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