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Network Name, Optional Comments

PBS, I love Nova!
TBS, Jerry Seinfeld is my hero
food network, p.s. emril is a douche
Cartoon Network, only Adult Swim
food network
VH1, 4 words: I love the 80s
The Weather Channel.  Gotta dig that Stephanie Abrams!
Sci Fi, battlestar galactica!
Cartoon Network
SHO, Dead like me!
Sodomy Channel
foxnews, I am unaware that there are other networks, so this 'survey' seems a little dumb.
Game Show Network, I ♥ Bob Eubanks
Discovery and TLC (I know this is two but they are the same company and the programming overlap, I vote for a name change TLC, TLC 2,

Tell it how it is baby)
FOX, Family Guy
Lifetime for Women....remember when they used to run all those deliciously bad women's movies

(as opposed to chick flicks which don't have near the drama)
on Monday nights while husbands were watching MNF? Here is where they were all sent out  to pasture.
I have now seen "Mother Can I Sleep With Danger" 5 times. Now THAT's entertainment at its best best/worst combo.
internet, diggnation
sci fi, stargate! stargate!
CBS, when they had "the dukes of hazzard," but since then I don't care.
Fox News, Network anchor babes
Comedy Central.  John Stewart John Stewart John Stewart!
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim
ESPN, addicted to sports, sometimes I watch the same sportscenter episode three or four times.
VH1 Classic, because we all need real music television in our lives.
EPSN, however stuart scott should be told to stfu
TNT: A Christmas Story
ABC...Lost, grey's anatomy
FOX, but f*** Rupert Murdoch
Cartoon Network
ABC, "For starters my name isn't Michael Vaughn"
cbc, canada is better than the us!
Bravo, Home of political dramas and/or gay reality shows 24/7.  
Sci-Fi Channel
History Channel
Comedy Central
Comedy Central, laughing is what keeps us (partly) sane!-- Josh.
Comedy Central!
discovery channel
G4TechTV. Television for nerds.
HGTV - Isn't it everyone's favorite?
National Geographic
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim!
Food Network, Alton! Alton! Alton!
Cartoon Network
Food Network, Iron Chef!
NBC, Regis! Regis! Regis!.
NBC Scrubs, The Office, My Name is Earl
FOX Sundays w00t
Spike TV
OLN for Tour de France coverage. Best three weeks of television. 
ABC, Lost!, Lost!, Lost!.
scrambled porn
Spike TV, Anything that once aired "MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" for three straight hours is good in my book.
Discovery Science, I <3 Nautili.
Sci Fi
Sci Fi
NBC, Regis! Regis! Regis!.
Fox, D'oh!
E, i love the true hollywood stories
PBS...hey, you get what you pay for AND it's commercial free.
CTV... gotta have canadian representation!
Comedy Network, (Canadian version of Comedy Central)
FOX News Channel, Brit Hume
The Learning Channel
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim! Adult Swim! Adult Swim!
CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Channel)
None, I trust no man!
MTV ( I Love Danny): Hi Rob, guess who?
Game Show Network/Playboy Channel.  Just kidding, no favorite channels.
Discovery Channel, ...Mythbusters, Monster House, Monster Garage, and American Chopper make it fun to watch :) 

(and I'm a girl too!).  I used to like TLC,
because of In A Fix, but they canceled it - and most of the rest of the shows are crap now on there.  :)
CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), good news, great sports and lots of fantastic Canadian made comedy and drama.
Lifetime, Golden Girls, The Nanny, Roseanne, Unsolved Mysteries, Lifetime Original Movies, need I say more?
Spike.  UFC
Food Network
Their best show is "Good Eats"
The History Channel. C'mon, "Modern Marvels?" Shows about old guns and stuff? You can't go wrong!
Comedy Central, That Jon Stewart...
The WB. OC! Gilmore Girls! Prison Break!
HGTV or the Food Channel for something relatively interesting on most of the time.
CBS, Survivor is da jaun!
Any Network showing LOST
CBS, I'm Canadian and live in Vancouver BC but I prefer CBS just cause it has the Amazing Race and had Everybody loves Raymond.
SBS, It only exists in Australia, but it's a multicultural network that airs shows from around the world in many languages.

It also does some great things with documentaries.
Comedy Central, what more could you want than the Daily Show or Reno 911?
Discovery Channel, Feed Your Mind.
Comedy Central
Adult swim
Comedy Central!
Comedy Central, Daily Show
Fox, House, Simpsons, Family Guy, News @ 10.  It's all good, usually...:)
tie between the food channel and TLC
Similar to you, I have no real loyalty to any one network, but rathner cruise the spectrum.

There are a few reliable ones (comedy, space, etc etc) but none that can qualify as my definitive "favourite".
Food Network:Hungry :: Porn:Horny
Channel 4, in UK.
PBS, Quality over "Reality"
Comedy Central, Daily Show
Nickelodeon, caveat: before it began majorly sucking.  That could possibly date back to when they cancelled Rocko's Modern Life,

or perhaps when they decided to garner that idiot Square Pants...
KCET. Nova
FOX, yay, for people who refuse to pay absurd amounts for cable, they put on southpark, brought back family guy, have 'american dad',

and of course the simpsons, king of the hill and other long time winners.
I constantly surf during comercials, even during shows to find better alternatives on any given channel.

some of the home shopping channels have hotties!
Cartoon Network, [Adult Swim] 'nuff said.
CBS, Awesome reality shows (Amazing Race & Survivor) and gory whodunnits (CSI)
The WB
Comedy Central
Fox, Arrested Development
History channel!
ABC Daytime soaps! Lost, news (best in LA), invasion
Fox, OC and every other bad primetime show they have produced!
it has cool shows with differnt people each time
Fox, mindless crappy shows!!!
Fox, Bring back Futurama!
Comedy Central - The Daily Show
hbo hobo
SciFi, They can drop Knight Rider though.
Fox, funny! funny! funny!
Fox, mainly for House, the only goog show on TV
LOGO, It's not gay, it's GAY!
FOX, they have the best NFL broadcasts by a nautical mile.
Food Network, Alton Brown is awesome.
Discovery Health Network - disfiguring accidents, strange diseases, blood & guts
USA, Monk! Monk! Monk!
Fox, So You Think You're Stupid?
SKY UK (BSKYB), Stargate/Brainiac/Bravo Channel
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim
TiVo - It always shows what I want it to (assuming it was recently on and I remembered to record it).
HBO, Deadwood, Rome, Real Time...what more could I want?
Cartoon Network, [adult swim]
Comedy Central, All the funny.
Fox, Family Guy
Playboy Channel, Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!
Discovery Science. Makes me feel so smart.
Noggin, the babysitter <7AM ;-)
Comedy Central, "The Daily Show" makes everything better.
NESN, RedSox!!!
HBO, but i don't have cable
CBC (I live in the US, but northerly enough to get Canadian TV), Even the commercials are more intelligent.
national geagraphic
The History Channel
Discovery, I love Mythbusters more than life itself.
NASA TV, because space is awesome.
Comedy Central!
NBC, Scrubs! 
COMEDY CENTRAL, too many good shows!
Fox: The smelly kid on the bus who got a corvette when he turned 16 
-Katie, LI,NY
Fox!  Mindless conservatism! Mindless CONSERVATISM!!!
The History Chanel
A&E, quality instead of "reality"
Spike TV, Ultimate fighting, COPS
Animal Planet! The dogs like to watch when I'm not at home.
Discovery Channel
Logo is pretty high on my list these days.  Discovery, TLC and Food Network as well.  My all time favorite show is 'Good Eats' on Food Network.
Food Network, (IRON CHEF!!!!!, good eats)
SciFi Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, Outer Limits, X Files... need I say more?
Discovery Channel, I love Mythbusters
Discovery mythbusters and dirty jobs both rock hardcore
TLC or DIY Network (mostly for Knitty Gritty)
They know drama, almost as well as burger king.
ABC, Desperate Housewives!
Food Network, somehow there is always something good on. Always.
Fox and any network that has NASCAR on it
HBO, I mean, take your pick: Entourage - Sopranos - SixFeetUnder - TenaciousD - AngelsInAmerica

- Oz - CurbYourEnthusiasm - SexAndTheCity - I mean, is there really any argument?
Food Network, YUM YUM
The Food Network, infinite pudding death
Cartoon Network, I must watch Futurama
History Channel.  WWI, II, and III.. oh wait.. yeah, just I and II...
E!, Taradise! Taradise! Taradise!
ABC: Lost and Alias!
Food Network
Game Show Network- Match Game '77 all the way!
FOX, A formerly garbage station has now redeamed itself with such shows as Arrested Development, House, and Family Guy.
ABC, because Constantine Maroulis will have his new show on this network! Sqqueeeeeee!!!!11!!one
ESPN8, "The Ocho" I just can't get enough of my tractor races and dodgeball tournements.
National Geographic Channel
Comedy Central, The Daily Show is the source of news that lets me laugh about the state of the world instead of feeling like crying.
CNN, Anderson Cooper
NBC - ER ER ER ER ER ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CBC, Canada knows how to do public television.
Food Network, Iron Chef!!!!!
Noggin, well really The N-they play Pete&Pete as well as random New Zealand shows! 
Comedy Central
comedy central.... the daily show, south park, Reno 911, Dave Attell & more
ABC - Lost, Housewives, and Mmmmmmmmm... Jennifer Garner!
HGTV, is that weird for a 24 year old that lives w/ his parents?
TBS, What other station could get me to actually like "Everybody Loves Raymond?"
History Channel
Food Network, food is always important, and I learn things
TLC, usually something interesting
HGTV, tips to make my house look sexy!
I don't have a favorite network. If you held a gun to my head, I would say The Discover Channel, but with reservations. 
NPR (WCPN), Oh waitthat's radio I don't watch tv
Showcase, Trailer Park Boys!!
Network 10 Australia
Fox, entertainment (NOT news!!)
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim!
TBS, DAYYYUMMM GOOD MOVIES. except the time they played blue streak over and over and over and over. fooor shame.
Family GUy
[adult swim], Mmm, Aquateen Hunger Force.
Comedy Central, Mad TV.
Telemundo, Si!
The Food Network, I have no clue why but i love this channel
Comedy Central, it distracts well from everything else.
Food Network, Giada De Laurentiis is hot - I'd like to stuff her cabbage Heyooo
Comedy Central
TLC, because I'm a woman.
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central, Daily Show baby!
NONE, Awful! Awful! Awful!
PBS, BBC Shows! and other Learnins
PBS! It has documentaries AND Antiques Roadshow!
Discovery Networks, all of them, any show!
Showcase, that's a Canadian channel, totally rules.
NBC for late night, and FOX for prime time.
FOX, The Shield, Rescue Me
Cartoon Network.
PBS - when they're not airing the Fleetwood Mac reunion where they play with the USC marching band.
G4TechTv, everything.
Cartoon Network, more specificially, Adult Swim
Cartoon network, [adult swim]
Sci-Fi, not the movies, they suck
Ten Network Australia, Where programming gaps are filled with "True Lies", Adam Sandler movies, or "The Simpsons"
Discovery Channel
FOX ... The Simpsons, Family Guy, 70s Show, Arrested Developement, Malcom, and Hank Hill!  Is any other network funnier?
discovery channel
Comedy Central.
USA, then on commercial breaks switch to Discovery Channel
Comedy Central
ABC, No other network shows Teri Hatcher's cleavage
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central, John Stewart. Hottie, awesome, keeps me sane with his delicious news and commentary.
CBS: CSI! Letterman! Amazing Race! Survivor!
Fox, Despite their tendency to cancel all quality shows.
BBC1 (UK tv station)
Comedy Central = Adult Swim
Food Network, Rachel Ray AND food?!? What else is there? (Now if the only had beer commercials.)
Comedy Central, Daily Show. Chappelle's show. Mind of Mencia. South Park. Kids in the Hall reruns!
Comedy Central, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart keeps me alive
Boomerang from Cartoon Network. Bam bam bam.
WB, sultry thirty-five-year-old "teens!"
Sci-Fi Channel, (I'm a nerd)Stargate SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica rule!
FOX,  usually worthless, but now I give you two words:  Arrested Developement
Fox News
Black - the color the TV screen is when turned off.
NBC, Good Morning America
Fox, Simpsons
RTE, Ireland's Finest! 
Travel Channel
Showcase, Cable at its finest with lots of original programming
HBO on Demand
CBC, Who doesn't love publicly funded Canadian Broadcasting?
Comedy Central, Daily Show, South Park, Reno 911
Food Network, Go Alton!
Currently:  ABC, Pre-the-end-of-Friends:  NBC
Comedy Central, all Daily Show all the time
Comedy Central
CBS, I miss Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite
Cartoon Network, Cartoons! Cartooooonns!
PBS, Nova Baby.
Finnish Channel Four called 'Nelonen'
Fox, because it broadcasts a 3-hour block of televised courtroom shows every afternoon--I can't get enough of it!
Fx, Rescue Me, The Shield, Penis Enhansement Infomercials.
CBS, Survivor & Amazing Race rule!
Food Network, Iron Chef!!
I enjoy ESPN for the watersports - R. Kelley
HBO: Sopranos, Deadwood, Entourage, Rome, The Wire...nuff said
Comedy Central
ABC, Lost and Invasion on the same night, enough said
Comedy Central, South Park & The Daily Show!
Comedy Central - The Daily Show is the REAL news!
NFL Network- Because its favretastic
BBC America
The one station in the Dominican Republic that we could get at the resort that said the hurricane was missing the island

but was actually making landfall on the opposite side right as we flew out. Got to love news like that!
Canal Z and Canal D, Mostly documentaries. Yeah :P
CIN (Cockeyed International News).
Food TV!
Television is evil.
TLC, What not to Wear with Stacey and Clinton!!
Channel 4, its from the UK you know
FOX!!!!!, The Simpson's, Family Guy, The Simpson's
NONE, They all suck
BBC, Top Gear Rocks
PBS - ads are so much more palatable when they come in a block at the beginning and end of programs.
Comedy Central, The Daily Show!
Fox network, but only for 24, 24, 24...
Sci Fi, Stargate SG-1! Stargate Atlantis! Battlestar Galactica!
Why, the Dumont Network of course!
cartoon network, adult swim is the best thing ever
CBS, NCIS CSI and several other acronymic shows
Cartoon Network, adult [swim].
ESPN, two words: college football
None,Television makes me want to wallow in poo.
Fox, Homer! Homer! Homer!
IFC, I enjoy watching programs intended for adults. I like that they play movies and shows in an uncensored format.I'm a grown-up,

I can handle hearing swear words and seeing a breast without loosing my sanity.
ABC, no local satellite blackouts
cartoon network! Adult Swim & Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends!
Food Network, IRON CHEF
TBS, Friends & Crappy Movies ALL THE TIME!
History Channel
It used to be NBC, but now with CSI its CBS. (basically i just like acronyms)
Discovery, Mythbusters! Mythbusters! Mythbusters!
FOX, Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, WOO HA
Fox FTW.
A&E, all of their new reality programming...
History Channel, Hitler! Vietnam! Waaarrrrr!
Viasat (Scandinavia)
PBS, Nova Rules!
MSN-SportsNet, GO WVU!
the Food Network
Cartoon Network, [Adult Swim]
CBS, Survivor & CSI
Food Network 
TiVo, I don't watch networks, I watch shows.
cartoon network, everything else is too boring
CBS, Jerry Bruckheimer shows are great.
Comedy Central
USA, Monk
FoodTV, Good eats!
ABC, Grey's Anatomy....
Food Network, Bam!
ABC, i loveeeee lost and desparate housewives.
VH1, Best Week/Month/Year Ever. Freaking Hilarious.
pbs, globe trecker european chick hosts
ABC - Lost is one of the best shows ever to air on the idiot box...
Discovery, Dirty Jobs
Comedy Central
HGTV, home makeover shows!
FX....they give me my daily requirement of **** ****** ****.
The History Channel
HBO, smells like santorum!
Comedy Central. The Daily Show is all you need.
NBC, because everything else blows.
Playboy TV, Totally Busted, it's like punked, but with naked people.
The N (its what Noggin turns into after dark), DEGRASSI! it goes there...
TBS, Sitcoms! Sitcoms! Sitcoms!
scifi, BSG! BSG! BSG!
NBC. It just always seemed a little more classy...maybe it was the Peacock.
Animal Planet, Animal Cops shows rule!
Comedy Central
Logo! yo yo
BBC America.  
Foxnews.  Definitely.
fox, The OC Simpsons and Family Guy
Discovery Channel, Mythbusters
Food Network, Good Eats with Alton Brown
Discovery, American Choppers Rules!
foodTV, discovery (mythbusters!), space (sci-fi is usually pretty entertaining) and

HGTV (home improvement type shows, like Mike Holmes', are also usually pretty entertaining)
Comedy Central
Channel 4, It's a UK thing =)
All UK BBC channels, No adverts, no sponsors, no programming interference.
Channel 101
Food TV, who dosent like food?
CNN. I just can't get enough of that Anderson Cooper.
Free Speech TV, "What Democracy Looks Like"
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