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Later that day I was deluged with emails! Offers from Corporate America came rolling in! They had been searching for someone with my driver-profile for months!

I had my choice of the Ragu Escalade, the Clairol Porsche, the Zima Aztek and the Cheetos Audi TT.


Just kidding.

No one ever called or wrote.

This might be because I didn't fit their profile of a dedicated superdriver, or it might be because they don't actually ever give out free cars.

Or it could be because of my negative attitude.

From an advertiser's point of view, a wrapped car driving around the busy city streets is not an unreasonable advertising option.

The art, production and installation of a car wrap costs about US$4,000.

Regular outdoor advertising, like billboards, were difficult to get prices for, but the Ballymore Outdoor website in Auckland shows some information, including a billboard trailer that they will park or hire a driver for. They sell a small, well placed billboard for $2,200 a month (New Zealand Dollars are worth about 60 US).

Advertising on the side of a car will only be as successful as the number of people that see it, so if a company was interested in rolling ads, they would probably choose vehicles that spend the most time in the most traffic.

Busses, taxis and airport shuttles are a good fit. Actually, maybe not taxis, because they are selling something else. 

Most companies would give or lease the wrapped car to one of their salesmen, retailers or to sponsor a contest with the wrapped car as the prize. Beyond that, I suspect that they could partner with Hertz rent-a-car or offer the car to local celebrities instead. The advertiser would probably have his pick of drivers just by getting word out.



I didn't get a free car, and although I am very, very skeptical, I haven't proven that it is impossible to get a free car.

With that in mind, I invite anyone who reads this article to apply for a free car at one of the 22 sites listed above. If you get a free car, I'll post details of the whole affair. Please don't bother paying any of the sites that charge money.

Until then, I'm going to promote my new Free Helicopter, Blimp and Yacht business! You just have to pay $39 for the membership kit, and you'll be on your way to owning your own magnificent vessel!



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