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Janet Poole sent this sectional Levitra Couch photo from South Austin, Texas.

Andy Ihnatko from Yellowtext sent a link to this Levitra Couch photo in Boston. This is the only one I've seen that looks like it had a white background painted onto it first. 


Two people separately sent photos of this nose-dived blue Levitra couch in West Sacramento: Lisa Nguyen and Dr. Ken True. Lisa's photo was taken first, but was sent to me second.

This is not a race.


Ashley Perry sent this one from near a dead end road in Daly City, California. She apologized for the photo after realizing that it isn't obvious this is a couch.

Adriano wrote back and included this Levitra fold out sleeper. One of his mates from work, also known as his workmates, found it and snapped a photo. The colors go so nicely, I wonder if they weren't part of the couch's pattern in the first place.

I can't make heads or tails of this Levitra couch. I appreciate the photo T.M. You get first prize for artistic expression.

Hey Rob!

I was excited to see you were doing a story on Levitra couches, because I wrote one too! I don't have as many photos as you, but you are welcome to use them on your page. Check out Utterlyuselessinfo  They are were taken near my mom's home in Austin, Texas.

-Gary "Suncolor" Charleston

These next three couches were on Gary's site. This maroon one (Gary I) was set up as a "hunter's blind". Positioned to give cover and comfort to hunters near a wildlife food source, in this case, an Albertson's Supermarket.

The next one (Gary II) was painted by an eight year old girl, apparently in the habit of dotting her Rs with little hearts.

This third one (Gary III) was discarded when it's owners broke through the seat cover. It was a relief, as they had always found the couch to be rather uncomfortable.

Only later did they realize that they had been using it upside down.

James Hong sent this photo of a levitra couch circus act. No, a couch escape-attempt! Look, they were working together to help their fellow couch escape the mean streets and leap the barbed wire fence!

Can Levitra couches get it up? Here's Proof!


Douglas L. sent this photo from his near his San Diego apartment.

He doesn't know who did it, but he knows that in the morning, when he left for work, this discarded loveseat had seatcushions, but when he returned from work eight hours later, the couch had been stripped of its cushions, and had been tagged Levitra-style.


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January 21st, 2005.  

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