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The next day, more letters and couch photos came in.

Y.R.O. and Dan Thompson wrote separate emails after seeing Levitra couches in Austin, Texas.

This photo is from Y.R.O. The couch (and Y.R.O) were wet from a nearby sprinkler.

Perry Anonuevo sent this photo. It looks more like a fireplace and mantel than a couch, but Perry assures me that it is a ultra-lightweight foam Levitra couch from IKEA. 

This was in Vacaville, California.

Rick Bruner sent nine photos of this awesome checkerboard couch photo, from New York City. 

LEVI is a blue jean manufacturer. TRA is the stock symbol for Terra Industries Inc., a producer and marketer of fertilizer.

Levis are known for their comfort, and they are sexy, two traits that Levitra would like to be related to. Additionally, Levitra could be thought of as a fertilizer.

 If there is fertilizer on your jeans, please do not sit on the couch.


Alex from SubV.net  in Montreal sent this couch from his archives.

SubV. showcases artists in and around Montreal, so we know what is out there.

I've seen two or three of these, but I'll have to search through my files to find the other ones.

I have my camera with me often enough to have snapped them when I saw them. I used a Cyber-shot DSC-F828. 

Paula sent this almost-camouflaged lawn-couch from Phoenix, Arizona:

There was a ton of street and sidewalk spraypainting near this couch, markings for USA and SEWER in a similar color, so the couch might be part of that marking process, whatever that is. The house was boarded up. I can go back and get a photo of the house or the sidewalk if you would like those.

Paula Dean
College of Letters and Science
Arizona State University

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January 20th, 2005.  

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