Cockroach Costume

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The finished cockroach costume.

When I arrived, the party was just getting started, and it was already rolling along really well.

Zoe as a devil. 

These photos are from 1998, just after I had bought my first digital camera. That old Panasonic did a good job of blocking red-eye, but it couldn't block red-face.


Ambur and Becky

Everyone loved the costume. A giant beer-drinking cockroach. It was certainly appropriate for a party in midtown Sacramento.

I remember one costume from that night involved a guy with his head through the bottom of a microwave, or television set. It was incredible. Alas, no photos.

The evening involved a lot of hard-partying, dancing and drunken revelry. I had too much to drink, and I walked home after 2 a.m. half-dressed as a cockroach.

But at least I didn't pass out half-submerged in a loincloth.


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September 19th, 2006.  

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