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Derek wrote:

Hello Rob.

Attached is a picture of a Levitra couch from rainy southern California. This was out dumped in a parking lot at my daughter's school: South Pasadena High. There were two other couches in the pile, but only this one was spray painted.

I looked around for the spray can, but didn't find it at the scene. Good luck unraveling this mystery.

Derek Jarman

Dear Mr. Cockerham,

Regrettably, I write to you not to include any images of a Levitra couch; merely, I write as an independent investigator taking an interest in your quest to discover the origins thereof.

While I cannot discount the possibility that some of the images may simply be copycats of the first image, I've no reason to discount the authenticity of the original images as posted by you and Mr. DeCardenas.

Image #1 on your site,
(http://www.cockeyed.com/science/levitra/300/white_couch.jpg) is unique not in that it says "Levitra," but that it says "Levi Tra." This led me to believe that perhaps we're dealing with another language.

In the first attempt to reveal the meaning of "levi tra," a search on Google reveals that there really are 1+ sextillion ways to spell any pharmaceutical you wish.

Probing a little more precisely with Altavista's Babelfish reveals "tra" as meaning "between" in Italian (coincidentally, the name "De Cardenas" is also featured in the Italian language, as well as Spanish); wordreference.com lists "tra" as meaning "in" or "between," as well as "among." Then it goes on to list a number of idioms that include the word "tra," many of which have nothing seemingly to do with the meaning of the source word.

Expanding my search further, I began to include the possibility that the original couch said not "Levi Tra" but "Le Vi Tra"; a subsequent Google search for THAT phrase further concluded your wonderful "Ways to Spell" work from some time ago, as well as this charming quote from FRESHCHAOS.com:

"... Will I truly LE-VI-TRA if I take it? ... A pill that makes you so LE-VI-TRA-venous , that you'll need a wheelbarrow or a lot of time for LEVTRATIONOUS action. ... "

In Italian, "vi" means "you" or "yourselves," depending on usage. It can also mean "each other." Perhaps these couches, worn, sometimes ugly, came between someone and their significant other, leading to a branding of sorts as a warning to those who may be inclined to pick up these cursed sofas.

"Levi" is also a name, thought to be Hebrew in origin but not uncommon in Italian.

Unfortunately, it seems to me, in searching through mutliple online dictionary resources at this point, that the tools I have on hand are incomplete and inadequate. My suspicion is that either "levi tra" or "le vi tra" is some sort of idiom in Italian. Or, perhaps someone thought a Levitra Couch would fit in amongst the Starbucks Chairs and Atkins Stools (Atkins Stools is kind of funny, now that I think about

I'll update you if I find out more. Love the site, by the way.

--Mark Kindy


Isn't it possible that a small group of people started the Levitra couches project simply to get attention on the internet, or even to get a mention on the cushy-wushy story that comes at the end of a newscast?
Desi Quintans


I was just doing my daily Internet rounds (which always include a stop at cockeyed.com to check out the updates) and I read the "Levitra Couch" article. I was showing my husband all of the pictures you had posted and received and we were both marveling how whatever it all means is a nationwide phenomena; ranging from the east coast to the west coast. As I was reading the article I noticed that my daughter's favorite video had stopped (Baby Einstein: it's torturous for adults, but infants LOVE it) and it was time to rewind and start over before the screaming began. As I waited for the tape to rewind I noticed that "I Love the 90's" was playing on VH1. I halfheartedly listened to it as I made faces at the baby, hoping to keep her mind off the fact that her video was no longer playing. All of a sudden I hear Baby Spice of everyone's favorite all girl quartet, Spice Girls, make a comment about Viagra and Levitra. How odd was it to hear a comment about Levitra right when I was in the middle of reading an article about the same thing? I highly doubt that the couches have anything to do with the drug (although my husband made the comment that maybe people have "relations (*wink wink*) on the couches and then tag it to show off to others). Anyway, I thought that was an interesting tidbit. I can't wait until you find out what it all really means!

Love, Kimberly

Hey Rob,

I decided to map all the cities reporting Levitra couches and see if there was any correlation to the locations. I overlayed a circle and as you can see, it looks as if there is a connection! I think it's an outline for a future underground railroad for draft dodgers if the draft ever goes into effect. That or maybe an insider form of communication between homeless people for "this is a good place to sleep".

Allen, TX

Hey Rob!
I just checked out the update on the Levitra Couches mystery.  You've probably already thought of this, but could Levitra be some kind of pick up service for old furniture?  The spraypainted Levitra on the couches could be a signal for the company to dispose of the couches.
I've never heard of or seen anything like this here in Newfoundland (Canada) but it's not uncommon for people to leave old furniture outside for pick up.
Hope you find the answers to this one. :)
Krystle Dean

Paul wrote with this junked couch:


Love the website Rob. I've been a fan for the last two years or so, and I am constantly introducing new people to your online geniusness.

I hope this is the first photo of a Levitra couch from Chico. I was in the market for a gently used couch, so I tried to find the cushions for this one. I found one cushion, but that wasn't going to cut it, so I left this one alone. Having LEVITRA show under the cushions would have been a sure-fire giveaway that I dumpster dove for it. 

Wish me luck finding another couch.

Paul Peterson

Hey Rob,
Levitra is evil art.


I didn't expect to find this monster behind my grandmother's apartment complex, but here it is.

I'm going to go back to ask her if she knows anything about where it came from on Tuesday. She has been at the same apartment for about 8 years, so she knows most of the families there and may be able to come up with an explanation. I know how those cans rattle when you shake them, and she is like a typical busy-body nosy-neighbor, so I'll bet she is mad at someone.

I really think this black/pink combo is a special one. First black couch! (I think).

Nancy Pool
Myrtle Beach


Mayhaps it stands for leave it, trash.

-Drew Turkenkopf

Mansfield, CT


It looks to me like it's time for an over-the-top, hard-nosed gumshoe style Levitra Sting Operation. Don't let the mystery escape!



Andrew, George and Sarah, Danny, Duane and Alex wrote to tell me about Wikipedia's description:

Levitra, or levia-tron, is an ancient hindu power word, the invocation of which materializes the spirit of Lord Kartikeya 's mystical peacock, which bears away the target of the invocation to the stables of Yama , the god of the underworld, where they are tied to the tail of Yama's buffalo by a red rope.

The next morning, when the buffalo goes out to feed, it will drag any and all accursed along behind it until the rope breaks, abandoning the accursed to obscurity.

Levitra is also popularly used to dispose of trash and old couches . The word itself was discovered by the European world by a Spanish man named Diego Del Toro, and its use has spread through the entirety of Spanish civilization, as the Spanish have always had trash to dispose of.

I saw your pictures of Levitra couches on your site. My first impression was these were just cheap Photoshop tricks UNTIL I saw my own discarded Couch with Levitra painted on it. This is spooky...


My brother asked me if Levitra meant anything in Spanish. I told him no, unless it was some proper name or something, and it sounded more Latin than anything to me. Then he showed me your site and the predicament of wtf is going on with these couches! I did a little reasearch of my own, and came up with a few options:

I1) noticed in 2 of the couches that it was spelled "Levi Tra" as in 2 separate words. "Levi Tra" basically breaks down to "overly united" like, overly together or something, from what I can make of it in Latin/slightly Hebrew. Could this be something political possibly? With all the war stuff, and the inaugeration (sp?), could this be a group-being Bush supporters, Middle Eastern citizens...I don't know, politics aren't my thing, I'm just offerring a theory here.

2) If you play with the letters, again going back to the 2 word thing, you can make "Evil Art." Got some underground ring of po'd art undergrads???

3) Backwards, you have Artivel. I've found 2 explanations for this: a) it's a very common typo for "article" and b) Artivel is some sort of art festival over in a European country (couldn't figure out the language, I'm guessing Italian).

Hope this helps in finding out why defenseless couches are being tagged for our viewing pleasure!


Hi Rob.
My wife and I are big fans of your site.
My curiosity was piqued by your Levitra couches mystery.
I did a Google search for Levitra and couch.
Your site was the first hit, and the one after that mentioned something called a Soma Sofa. I don't know what this is but there seems to be a connection with the couch phenomenon (couch... sofa.. right?)
A Google search of Levita and Soma Sofa yeilded some very strange results. Each hit seems to be a short Surrealist poem. I didn't open any of the links as they seemed to me to be somehow suspicious.
This is as far as I got before notifying you.
I hope this has been helpful.
Keep fighting the good fight!
-Patrick Cavanagh
Silver Spring, MD

Hey, I saw this couch on Harcourt Street, Dublin, Ireland. Hope you don't need a bigger photo.



hey rob,
i read the article and i can't believe that this is real.
this must be some sort of a prank,
either you pranking us,
the website visitors...pranking you?
is there anyway in which all of these devoted fans would gang up and try to pull a prank on you?
maybe using the names from the calendar to contact each other?

anyway think about it...
if i'm wrong, then it's may me some sort of a commercial campaign?
"Levitra! It's out in the streets! Go seat on it!" or some other
slogan, perhaps a bit more clever slogan :P

Ariel Dotan.

Don't know if this helps, but the Spanish word, "llavar" means "to take". My Spanish verb conjugation is quite rusty, but it is conceivable that this has something to do with the couch word. Which the correct pronunciation is "yev-ar", non-hablo-espanolers may very well get it wrong. It may be two words, "llevi tra", or that there is some future participle possesive verb form or something to make llevitra. I'm guessingthe intended meaning is something like "This is trash, take it away."

Hope this lame, almost-help helps.

Love the site.

Dyersburg, TN


After reading your article about the Levitra couches, I decided to look around on the internet to see if I could find the website for the Levitra Couch Cult (LCC). After a few fruitless Google searches, I put in, "spray paint levitra". It came back with only one hit.

The name of the site was, "Naked Amateur Lesbian". I figured that the title was meant to scare people away from the LCC, so I clicked on the link, but the host wouldn't resolve. Thankfully, Google had the page cached, so I was still able to view it.

As it turns out, "spray paint levitra" =was= on the page, but not in the context we're looking for. At the bottom of the page (that wasn't
filled with porn, but rather links to other porn sites), were several text links that, according to the page were, "Simmilar keywords to:
amateur lesbians". The two links in question were "counter strike spray paint" and "levitra woman".

So I haven't found anything as of yet, but I haven't given up hope! I shall report if I do find out anything about the LCC.


Hey there. I can't believe vandals would paint over your wonderful Starbucks chairs, then steal them. The TGI Friday's prank was great. I'd love to see the reactions from it.

Now, onto the subject of this message: Levitra. It looks like you're still puzzling over the meaning. Levitra is Hindu, the use of which is thought to cause the target to be dragged to the underworld. It's
rather fitting for trying to get rid of old couches.

Wikipedia has a write-up on it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levitra

either tagging 'levitra' is a new obscure graffiti art movement, or some people may have spray-painted it on couches and sent you a picture..but it's hard to tell the validity of which levitra couches are real, and which are fake.

well that's my thought about the levitra couches. i haven't seen any here in l.a..


Hey Rob,

I noticed on your Levitra couch pages Paula Dean From Arizona State had written in regarding seeing "USA" and "SEWER" spray-painted on the ground.

For what it's worth, "USA" spray painted on the ground means "Underground Service Alert" and is usually sprayed in place by a company prior to digging beneath the road surface. Prior to digging, the digger contacts a specific company and informs them of the intended digging (The company compiles a database of all Underground Service Alerts). The digger than spraypaints "USA" on the ground and generally 
outlines the area where they intend to dig. The purpose, in a nutshell, is to alert other utilities that digging is about to commence in the outlined area. If there is a possible conflict (such as digging through a gas line), it gives the other utilities a chance to make a note and contact the digger.

I learned this from a friend who is a supervisor at East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD).

Anyway, I know it's not much help on the meaning of "Levitra" on random couches (maybe she gets around?) but I figured you'd enjoy a bit of random factoid.


Here is a photo from my brother Derek. I hope this helps your photo-collection. 
Now can you send a picture of Arnold Shwartzenegger to us?

Renee Freshly

Dear Cockeyed.com staff,

This levitra couch appeared, along with three old refriderators, across the last free parking spaces in three square miles. This is in Daly City. I'm sure it will either by towed by tomorrow or have the Denver boot on it.

I think I'd prefer Andre the Giant stickers, but this is better than nothing. Good luck with your quest for perfect couch-drug knowledge. I'm happy to contribute to your online sideshow of amusements. 

Paul Nelson (Not the guitarist/songwriter)

I found this in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I don't know if it qualifies, as it's not exactly spray painted on, but I'd imagine it's rather hard to spraypaint a snow covered couch. The spirit was there.

Congradulations on the engagement!

Jess McNabb,



There are many more Levitra couch letters, and two leads, but no resolution yet. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far! If you see a Levitra couch in your area, please try to send a photo to me, Rob at Cockeyed.com.

Thank you!

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