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The All-Star Geometry Champs design is on a heathered gray tee shirt.

A variation of your standard quiver of State Mathelete quarterfinals shirts.

This lightweight shirt proclaims your love of geometry with a striking graphic of a black and white truncated icosahedron. 

The label means that it is made with immigrant labor love, and you will enjoy it for years to come.

Shirt is Alstyle Triple-A. 100% cotton, featuring a clean-tear tag.

Here is a shot of a shirt with the tag torn out. Look at that! There is no trace of it!

You thought the gun shirt was tough? The truncated isohedron is the configuration of the lenses used for focusing the explosive shock waves of the detonators in the Fat Man atomic bomb.

Don't try sneaking this shirt past the TSA!

These screen-printed shirts are high-quality. The image is printed using a distressed look, to simulate a well-loved tee shirt.

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Rob Cockerham
P.O. Box 161574
Sacramento, CA 95816

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All Star Geometry
Champs Tee Shirt
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