I really love my camera. I bring it almost everywhere I go.

I have been happy to see camera phones being sold, because I dream of having an even smaller camera, and having one that is integrated into a mobile phone might be an incredible package.

My instincts told me that these new camera phones were not going to be quite as good as advertised, so I asked people to send me some of their photos. Their owners like them, but report the resolution tends to be crummy, they almost all have an annoying delay when taking photos, and almost none of them have a flash.

Sony Ericsson T306 with

CommuniCam Mobile Camera (MCA-25)

Photo of Ash from Matt.

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Sony Ericsson T300 with CommuniCam Mobile Camera (MCA-25)

Photo of hedgehog "Gorgonzola Pokypants" from Noelle.

Photo of Jeep from Jeffrey Herbert. It is supposed to be yellow.

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Sony Ericsson T68i with CommuniCam Mobile Camera (MCA-20)

Photos of Arcade games from Todd Robinson.

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More T68i photos at http://www.automaticrabbit.com/arcade/load.html

Hiptop (AKA Danger, Sidekick)

Photos of Button and Cookies from Mike Popovic.

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More Hiptop Photos at http://hiptop.bedope.com/

Motorola t720i with T720i camera

Photos of alien cat, stage moment, car, tank van and canine tug-o-war thanks to Marney Mason.


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Motorola i95cl with T70i camera

Photos of computer and amplifier thanks to Jon

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Nokia 3650

Photo of Skytower thanks to Dylan Reeve, Gefilte Fish, Sharing and Jihad's Ice Cream truck were sent by Michael.

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photoblog from Nokia 3650: http://pirillo.textamerica.com/

Nokia 7250

Photos of Huggy Bear and BMW thanks to Craig Bannister.

Photo of Nigel Blinman thanks to Philip Hughes

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Nokia 7250i

Self portrait and photo of Kings College, Cambridge thanks to Robert Price

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Nokia 7650

Photos of Cooper tire, colored lights and Trafalgar Square thanks to Ben Newham

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Sanyo 8100

Chris Simpkins sent the photo of his girlfriend Dee.

Sam Meyer sent the Buddhist monks, 

The Brunette and bullseye are from Xeno.

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Sanyo 5300

Illyana sent a tiny portrait because she was running out of room on her phone.

Casey Lach sent an outdoor photo, an indoor shot and the dominos.

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Jessica's friend sent this picture of her and Milo.

Jessica would have chosen a different photo if it had been up to her.

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A page like this becomes obsolete pretty quickly. Resolution will get much better in four years, and I bet these clip-on cameras will look pretty funny in a few years too. Thanks for checking out these camera phones.

For more camera photos, check out http://fotolog.net/phonecam and http://www.fotolog.net/dirtdirt.

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August 4th, 2003.
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