KPIX visits How much is Inside

After the shaving cream re-do, we hastily filmed a few more of the classic "how much is inside' episodes for the video camera. Brooke got in on the action too.

We ran out of crackers for the Easy Cheese episode.

We took turns photographing one another. In this photo I'm making them swear to say "" on the air at least 19 times.

Their broadcast referred to me as "the measuring man". It turned out beautifully.

Thank you Karen and Sue for taping it!

I covered my car in aluminum foil again...

...and double-checked the toothpaste trial. James (and the cameraman, whose name, I regret, I have forgotten) had great ideas for shots. It was a lot of fun working with these professionals.

Watch for the new stuff we tested on upcoming episodes of how much is inside?!

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 Oct. 23rd, 2003.

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