Shaving Cream - Original Episode Outtakes

The first episode of how much is inside only has seven photos. Compare that to How much is inside a Pumpkin, which has three times as many.

These were left out of the original, but now, thanks to the technological miracle of DVDs, I present you with these four outtake photos from December 21st, 1998.

This is the actual amount of shaving cream that came out of that first can. Pretty unimpressive, eh?

It was about a half-gallon.

I had purchased the can of shaving cream that same day, in a two-can shrink-package.

I decided to hide a pot within the cream. I guess it was "bad decision" night, because a few minutes later, I was piling it onto my head.

Here is the frosted pot.

I emptied the second can onto this mound, concealing the deception from all but the cleverest inspectors. 

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 Oct. 24th, 2003.

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