Quicken Home Loans fixed their graph

Back in November, I spotted a problem on a television ad for Quicken Home Loans.

The ad featured a bar graph illustrating the difference between $1330 and $850 per month, a 36% difference.

I complained that the red bar was a bit too short to show a $480 savings.


A couple of readers (Steve Maks, Paul Twin) pointed out that because neither axis is labeled, it isn't clear if the bottom of the graph represents zero. This is true, but I don't have to like it.

I heard a change was in the works, and on Saturday, Feb. 25th that I saw the new commercial! Check out that red bar! It is taller. I think it has lost some weight too.

The fine folks at Quicken home loans changed their commercial to show a more accurate red bar in the graph! Hooray!


Now I'll definitely get voted back onto the Governor's mathelete advisory council. Score!

-Rob Cockerham


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February 27th, 2005.

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