Unsuccessful Story #1

Dear Rob,

Wish I had read your info on Herbalife, before I let myself be sucked in! Ten thousand plus dollars later and declaring bankruptcy, I get around to researching this company and Newest Way to Wealth, which has a class action suit filed against them.

I bought the whole ball of wax....supervisor distributorship (over $5,000.00) signs, which I only put up a few hundred dollars of, but never received even one telephone call. I refused to put them up in unauthorized areas, the same with flyers and car flyers, (and was chastised by a "mentor" for not doing it, illegally), newspaper ads, flyers, yellow booklets, tapes, cds, website, they had it, I bought it, all the while asking, "show me the money", and trying to convince myself that they were right.

I just wasn't working the program, hard enough and consistently enough. So I worked harder, spent more money, mailed more books and post cards and used more products. I have never made the "big" bucks or the little bucks, for that matter.

Aware that the numbers did not add up, I pushed onward, maxing out my credits cards, "You'll be able to pay them off, with one check" the return rate was not even close to the measly 1% to 2%, they professed.

The NWTW was never self-supporting nor was retailing the product. I am very glad that I was able to convince only one sucker to buy a distributorship. A full supervisor distributorship for over $5000.00. She had already declared bankruptcy and was looking for away to climb out. I made a whole $400.00. My largest commission check from Herbalife. My Most recent was $00.65. My smallest was $00.21. Hardly worth printing and mailing.

I currently have one client, who has been with me for the past two years. He buys one ultimate per month...retails for $196.80, less the 25% discount I give him for being a friend and a good customer. I can not bring myself to charge him the 10% of "retail" price that Herbalife charges me for shipping and handling. I charge him 7% of the discount price, plus tax of 8%. So I pay 98.00 to herbalife, plus 19.68 for s/h, and 8% for sales tax. Doesn't leave much of a profit. Not even enough to place his next order and have it on hand when he calls.

I will continue to hold my distributorship until it runs out in August.

Today I cancelled my website with NWTW, shipped back two thousand unused yellow books, disconnected my 1-800 numbers and shredded the reams of paper with Herbalife info, that has been cluttering up my office for the past two years. I stopped spending money on this business in April of 2001. Bankruptcy court is June of 2002. If I am lucky I won't have lost our house, our car, truck and our Bass boat. I will be very careful about joining any other MLM. thanks for your Ear....Eyes!

LKO, Washington State.

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