Unsuccessful Stories

"In this business, there are no limitations, no glass ceilings, no discrimination. Race, religion, color, sex, age, or physical handicap does not matter. Only desire and determination matter", p.13, red "Work at Home" booklet.

"The only time we fail is when we stop trying", p. 7, blue "Work from Home" booklet.

I had a feeling plenty of people had failed at the herbalife business. It sounded nearly impossible to succeed after about 1996.

Most people don't like to admit when they've been manipulated, especially when the "they can only fail if they aren't trying hard enough" mantra is echoing in their head. I suspect that most of these stories just fade away.

 Luckily, a few people were nice enough to share their stories with me.

The photos I used to illustrate these are of myself and my family members. They do not represent the people who wrote the letters.

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