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I bought this croissant from a little place on Market Street in San Francisco. I don't know how many calories were in it. Large chain restaurants were more likely to have complete nutrition facts available to their customers.

The title of this article, 83 calories per hour, comes from dividing 2,000 calories per day by the 24 hours in a day.

Two thousand calories per day is just a rough estimate of how much food a person needs. A lot depends upon their size, their activities and their basal metabolic rate.

If you have the metabolism of a hummingbird for instance, you will need about 200,000 calories per day.

Behold the 44 ounce soda drink (1.3 liters)! A 64 ounce drink (1.9 liters) is also available at select outlets in the US.

Coke (without ice) contains 1,493 kilocalories per gallon, Gasoline (without ice) contains 31,000 kilocalories per gallon, so the energy density of gasoline is 20 times greater than Coca-cola.

Price per gallon

Weinershnitzel is the only restaurant that I am embarrassed to be seen at. I had to bribe some schoolchildren to go in and get these chili cheese dogs for me. 

Prepackaged sushi from Trader Joes.

Hot dogs contain 100 calories, and their buns contain 100 calories. The mustard is calorieless.

When it comes to price per calorie, it is hard to beat rice. 

A $10 bag provides about 40,000 calories.

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