Image Lifting Prank 3

Here is another example of someone loading an image from my webserver onto their page. The paper mache Satan project was linked by one of my old favorites,

Some folks left nice comments, including my biggest new promoter, Rob from RetroCRUSH


Original look of the page:

The nice thing about fark is the ability to leave comments regarding the link. I was addicted to their photoshop contests before the whole TotalFark situation.

Anyway, this guy Cres linked a photo of my sister Jane with the comments, 

"would I hit, hit I would".


 He pulled the photo from the McDonalds Apple Pie prank. He made the mistake of linking to an image on my server, so it was an easy matter to find someone less attractive...

This "woman" fit the bill nicely.

I cropped the photo to the size of the original and swapped out the original jpg on my server.

The Result:


The page still reads "would I hit, hit I would".

See the newly modified page here: Just in time for Halloween, how to make a giant paper-mache Satan

If you don't understand what I did here, please read the first "image switcheroo" prank from July, 2002.

Contact Rob (please don't write to tell me there is another image stolen on that Fark page, I already know, thank you)
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