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Taylor Maid Farms - Organic Coffee and Teas since 1993.

"Our Coffee comes from some of the most beautiful places on earth...

...and we want to keep them that way. Our work with organic producers worldwide highlights the value of diversity for global survival and opens up horizons of exciting tastes.





Smallest - Mini Bikini, Micro Bikini, Teardrop Bikinis for sale.

Free Shipping within the US.





IRRR - Dez Demona's Original Little Devil Horns™ Barrettes 
You're such a little devil. You know it, and Dez Demona knows it too. That's why she made these Little Devil Horns™ barrettes especially for you. She wanted you to be able to look on the outside the way you feel on the inside. Remember - you don't need a special occasion to wear your Little Devil Horns. Wear them anytime you're feeling... devilish. 




Bachelorette Party Items, Games, and Ideas are our specialty. Bachelorette .com team members have over 20 years of combined experience supplying bachelorette parties. We have shipped over 110,000 orders to people just like yourself.

With over 400 different items, we hope you find the bachelorette party games, bachelorette party favors, and the bachelorette party invitations you need. You can also find a great assortment of gifts for the bachelorette.




HRRR - Unique Glass Artwork and Sculpture by Mark Lewanski

Welcome to Mark Lewanski studio, home of This site features creative works from the mind of Michigan artist Mark Lewanski. Please browse through. I hope you enjoy my fun, whimsical and even elegant glass boxes, mirrors and contemporary sculpture.



TDAF - The Rob Cockerham Fan Page

Rob Cockerham is the creator of the totally awesome webpage At first, it may seem that Rob is just a strange man with a keen interest for how much is inside, but what really makes him a genius is the way he makes a little money on the side. You see, Rob usually sells his finished projects on eBay, and he also prints out unique items to sell. These items include the Fake Clock, the Giant Watermelon Sticker, and most recently the Instant Outlet. 




Go Fetch Pet Sitting - Serving the community doing what I love and enjoy is the foundation of Go Fetch Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services. If you are exploring alternatives to kenneling your dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, or birds, talk to a pet sitter. 






NetDr. International

The Pioneer Provider of Responsible Cutting Edge Medicine on the Internet







FoamAir - FoamAir® is a family of foaming products using a patented, non-aerosol foaming pump.  Good Ideas International LLC, doing business as FoamAir, develops and manufactures foaming dispensers and foaming products for the personal-care, sanitation, automotive-care, pet-care, and cleaning products industries, among countless others.






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