Soda is cheaper than juice, about two cents per ounce, with the exception of Red Bull:

Here are some of the common specialty cocktail ingredients, seen here on the actual top shelf.

The more I looked, the more exotic and varied the ingredients became. Blueberry schnapps? Cherry Tequila?

Finally, I drew the line. I settled on a working pool of 52 alcohols and mixers.

Check out these giant bottles of Cointreau.

My margarita recipe calls for a half ounce, and it is the most expensive ingredient.

To throw a cocktail party, you might try to buy a bottle of everything.

It's impossible. Most people build up a bar full of ingredients over the course of many parties.

Here's how: Go to a bunch of parties and steal one bottle from each.

My cocktail calculations were going well, but I had to try out these recipes in the field.

After Nick's birthday dinner, we got some friends and liquor mixed together.

Meaghan got us started with Chocolate Cake shots:

Kamakazis are more to my liking.

Anna's vodka tonic.

Comparing the taste of a regular White Russian versus one made with egg nog.

(egg nog extra)

Alisha adding some Chambord black raspberry liqueur to a glass of Champagne.

Kir Royale:

I think this was an aborted attempt at a lemon drop after we realized there wasn't any lemon juice.

I think Shannon tried one with pineapple juice.

But, then we found the lemon juice in the fridge.

Lemon Drop:

More lemon drops.