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This fourth page of "Favorite Networks" submissions didn't make it into the Pie Chart Favorites calculations. They were submitted later, but before I turned off the survey.


PBS: "No commercials, no mercy!"
Comedy Central
Network Ten, but I hate Rove.
Food Network; Yum!
the food network
CBS, I love my crime shows. CBS = Crime Broadcasting Station.
ESPN, Optional Comments
Fox- family guy
I'm split between Comedy Central and Cartoon Network.
The Weather Channel
S.B.S. Australian independent channel. Rob, this channel is like "world movie" channel on local pay-tv but it is "free to air" Thus you have a really freaky tv channel(sometimes extremely weird freaky japanese homosexual orientated samurai-western movies! Please include this because it is so weird! I usually turn on my tv early but this channel carries foreign language "crap" until about 12:00p.m Australian Central Time!
TNT - Ted Kaczynski 
Comedy Networks, Oh! Jon Stewart, please marry me!
Fuse, unlike Mtv, they actually play music.
NBC, it just looks better than all the other stations. Not really sure why, but it's just more svelte.
The BBC. Superb TV, Radio, Web and Phone content.
The Discovery Channel, because, aside from the home renovation shows, has absolutly no programs that make me angry to know they exist.
Fox News! 
CBC; Don Cherry and Ron Maclean: The Dynamic Duo
ABC, Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy, and Lost. 
History Channel
comedy central
history channel
Don't watch TV. There just isn't time.
SciFi, I'm a total geek
discovery channel
Turner Classic Movies (TCM)
Speed TV
Comedy Central, John Stewart is Uber!
Bit Torrent, because my monitor can display high-def and Metallica kicked me off Napster. 
G4 - TechTv, booth babes
NFL Network, need I say more?
Space Channel!!!!
Cartoon Network, +Adult Swim, -Anime
MSNBC, Because I love to live my life in a state of constant anxiety and fear.
Cartoon Network, ROBOT CHICKEN!!!!!
PBS, Antiques Roadshow and news programs that don't suck!
food network, not counting rachael ray. alton brown for life!
comedy central - for Jon Stewart
FX Starved!
ESPN PTI, PTI, PTI, PTI...Tony and Wilbon, rule!
HBO, original programming 
Cartoon Network, Family Guy! Futurama! SeaLab2021!
ABC, I'm Lost
Discovery Health Channel and Animal Planet, very hard to decide between the two.
Food Network, Iron Chef rocks!
Cartoon Network, FAMILY GUY RULES.
Boomerang - all cartoons all the time
food network
PBS, almost no commercials, and super great programs!
Fox.. even though they suck
NBC, grew up with it so i like the whole NBC feel
HBO, TV shows are uncensored
Discovery Channel, and all of its derivatives.
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim
Scifi Channel, Two words: Battlestar Galactica.
FOX! I've made a huge mistake! Steve Holt!, this is better than tv!
Tivo, that's a network, righ?
comedy central
t.v. land
weather channel
Fox, Who needs Comedy Central when we have Fox!?
The Weather
Fox, With House and the Simpsons, this is a no-brainer.
The Food Network
HBO, its the only movie channel I get (i dont watch tv)
CBS, because it's the only channel I can get. If I had cable, it would be the Discovery Channel; OCC!!
History Channel, Even though there is so much WWII and it could probably be called "The Hitler Channel," it's still pretty interesting
MTV - even when they are playing music videos
G4, Gotta have my Video Games!
comedy central
Comedy Central, Samantha Bee's hooters!
fox - king of the hill
Fox. 24, enough said.
food network! must eat!
Food network, Alton Brown is my God.
PBS I get news, British comedy, and muppets. What else could a girl want?
Channel 4. English Channel
Very Stylish and Swish.
Channel 4, Anyone living in the UK should agree...
Comedy Central, Daily Show
Sci-Fi; X-Files reruns every afternoon! 
TeleToon, they play my short films!
comedy central
Comedy Central, I'm Rick James, Bitch!
ABC. It was a "fixer upper" that did pretty good with Lost and Desperate Housewives (my wife would kill me if I didn't mention the latter).
Cartoon Netwoork. Audlt Swim!
Science Channel
Cartoon Network, home to Futurama, Venture Brothers, and Naruto, the best shows on TV!
Fox, Simpsons, Family Guy
Food Network, hmmmmmmm drool
TVO (TV Ontario)
Tie between National Geographic and Animal Planet... sorry, no funny comments can be generated at this time. Please try again later.
HIST, I spend hours watching the History channel. I've come to know and love that big ol' golden H.
intelligent programming, no commercials!, child safe during the day. the perfect network.
Comedy Central,funny stuff
FOX, Simpsons, Family Guy.. and they had the X Files too.
NBC, when they had "Friends" and "Dharma & Greg" (Or was dharma & Greg on FOX? Gee, I guess I should stop watching sitcoms...)
speed network
Fox, Fox News, Propaganda, Bullshit, Right-Wing Hype!
Channel 101. Just give them five minutes.
Sci Fi
FOX, always close to the line and slightly crossing it.
pay per view of whatever i want
because, opposed to network TV, I get what I want, when I want
however, truthfully, I haven't owned a TV in six years
who needs to be programmed anyway?
CBS, but damn then for cancelling Joan of Arcadia 
Bravo! Ab Fab!!
Fox News. O' Reilly 
Comedy Central
Spike, MXC!!!!!
Discovery Channel
Sci Fi
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim!!!
Comedy Central, (chapelle show, kids in the hall, strangers w/candy, daily show, insomniac, reno, they've got my number!)
The History Channel, Modern Marvels!!!!
Revision3, Systm
Scifi, stupid but decent quallity inhouse movies! (you've got to appreciate the effects they put in to their made for tv movies)
Food Network, I can't handle shows that require I watch them every week to understand
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central
e4 (two words: Lost re-runs)
BBC, Im in the UK and they have allways been great
tv land
TV3, One word: John Campbell. Or is that two words?
G4tv, video games!
NBC, However,I have no further comments.
Sci-Fi and Cartoon Network
History Channel
Food Network
Spice Channel, amateur porn
I just don't get Faith Hill.
HBO, original programming rocks
NBC, rabbit ears can only do so much
Comedy Central, Jon Stewart! Jon Stewart! Jon Stewart!
Food Network, mmm Alton Brown.
CSB, gotta love the CSI.
Fox, Hell's Kitchen (chef ramsay is hot) and House (hugh laurie, also hot).
The WB. Because I always seem to end up faithfully watching a show there. First Dawson's Creek, also Felicity, Buffy, Smallville, Charmed. And now that Charmed sucks, I'm watching Supernatural. It never ends!
A&E. I'll forive them "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and "Growing Up Gotti" and still give it to them. (Runner up is DISCOVERY Channel. Gotta love "American Chopper".)
COM, Comedy Central
Cartoon Network. [ADULT SWIM]
Food Network, Good Eats!
Speed Channel, Formula One
Spike TV, Star Trek TNG reruns!!!!!!
HBO, Curb Your Enthusiasum!!
Disc. Sharks, Ants, Jellyfish. Oh my!
Bravo or Discovery Health, it's all Freaks on Parade!!!!!!!!
BBC, Great programmes and no adverts!
ABC, good shows like Lost, Alias, and Desperate Housewives
Cartoon Network, It'd be better if they lost the anime, though.
Cartoon Network
FOX, seinfeld reruns make me giggle uncontrollably.
History Channel
CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) Go Leafs Go!!
Food Network - Allez Cuisine!
CBS, Soaps!
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim
Netflix. I hate those station ID animated logos. It's worth waiting for the DVD just to avoid those. The lack of commercials is an added perk.
I like NBC.
None. My wife and I moved back to the country two years ago. No cable. No satellite dish. Rabbit ears get various degrees of 'snow'. Frankly, we love the change in lifestyle. Our lives no longer revolve around what is on TV each evening. I challenge you to try it for a month. See how it changes your daily schedule. The most entertaining part is listening to the radio 'personalities' as I drive to work in the morning - yabbering on about what was on TV last night. Since I have been 'unplugged' for so long, I find I have no context to what they are talking about (I don't know anything about the latest shows). It is quite a liberating experience!
Cartoon Network
The Discovery Channel. Purely because of Mythbusters.
Fox! Simpsons & the Family Guy rock!
Vh1 has celebreality- but Lifetime always has a great movie on...
Cartoon Network
speed! F1,GP2, WRC, MotoGP, SBK!!!
UPN, Veronica Mars - who knew?!?!?!
FoodNetwork! IRON CHEF
G4TV Formula Drift
Comedy Central, How else would I get my news?
(doppler effect)eeeeowwwwwww!
G4!!! Attack of the show!!!
no favorite
Comedy Central, There is usualy always something funny on.
CTV, Grissom and Warrick are cuties. Greg too. But not Nick.
Comedy Network, because it's hilarious.
SciFi channel
the ABC australian broadcasting commission yeah its got some crap shows but it has at least 5 shows that i watch a lot of
TVNZ, Television New Zealand
WB when it had Buffy and Angel
Noggin, Kid's entertainment, keeping them happy, what could be better?!
Cartoon Network, but only after 11pm on weekdays and 9pm on saturdays.
Chex Television Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Celebrating 50 Years!!!
U-62 ON UHF, We don't need no stinkin badgers!
comedy central
The WB!!! Nothing beats seeing all the hot guys and amazing shows!!
I don't have a whole lot of loyalty to any one network.
CBS: CSI, Survivor, Amazing Race, Letterman. If only they could get rid of "Yes, Dear".
ESPN - Duke, PSU, Phillies!
FOX, FoxNews!
Cartoon Network, it's fun and funny without being pretentiously melodramatic like other networks 
FOOD network- 
Food Network, Alton Brown on Good Eats!
Headline News, Nancy Grace!
Comedy central, standup
FOX, 24!
Gosh, my favorite would have to be the food channel. I could watch Iron Chef, Good Eats, 40 Dollars a Day, and 30 Minute Meals 24/7. Uh, that being said, I have a bit of a hokey weakness for Goldengirls on Lifetime. You gotta love those girls!!
DIY! It's the Do It Yourself Network!! And believe me, for a retired shop teacher who really misses the sound of a bandsaw grazing flesh, there's nothing better than learning how to use a nailgun in just 30 minutes!
TV Land
CBC, Hockey! Hockey! Hockey!
ABC. I have to poop now. Good day.
History Channel, they bring the rock (in a historical sense)
Discovery Channel (now The Science Channel), MYTHBUSTERS!
UPN, Pasadena Star Trek Babylon 5 convention
Comedy Central, Daily Show!
Fox News
Cartoon Network, The Venture Bros.
I don't ever watch the idiot box. I do like MJR movie theather though, if that counts.
National Geographic Channel, possibly the last network with no reality shows. 
Quit watching TV 10 years ago.
ABC, wins with CSI and Alias AND Crossing Jordan over NBC with Law and Order and thier many unvaried offshoots
Cartoon Network, specifically Adult Swim
Discovery Channel, it's got Mythbusters, American Chopper, real people... real heros.
discovery channel
Cartoon Network
G4 Tech TV, Nerds rock my socks!
Spice Channel
The on with teh 5005135
FX, Better original programming than the others.
UPN. for Everybody Hates Chris and America's Next Top Model.
Tivo, I make my own network, damnit!!
Cartoon Network a la adult swim baby
Showcase, because Showcase At 10 is always amazing- The L Word is the hottest show on television. This coming from a (not-so-straight, but not totally gay) woman.
ABC, Peter Jennings, Peter Jennings, Peter Jennings. (Oops...he's dead)
Fox, Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential make my night. Otherwise, I could do without it.
Cartoon Network, Adult Swim!
Comedy Central, Mostly because I get the highest minute-per-chuckle ratio of enjoyment watching the Daily Show.
ABC....Lost keeps me from shooting myself, but not others!
Taco Taco Supreme
Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network - Adult Swim
HGTV. I love watching bland Californians and Canadians sleepwalk through major life decisions in front of TV cameras.
Food Network, Alton Brown is my god!
Food Network, Iron Chef! 
NBC, Conan O' Brien is my favorite person in history. 
fairchild television
Comedy Central
DIY, Do it yourself network
Showcase (in Canada) for stealing all the best shows america and britain can muster. plus trailer park boys!
G4TechTV, but only for about 4 hours a day... any 4 hours... then it's off to comedy central or cartoons if no good comedy is on


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