Detective: Nick's Paypal Account

Hello. Nick had his Gmail and Paypal accounts pryed open, and a couple of shiny new computers ordered in his name. This is page 2 of information leading to the identification of the thief. Back to page 1.

We are both wondering what is at 1265 Sylvan Road. in Atlanta. That is where the thief wanted the computers shipped.


First, Mark M. wrote with the full names of the nearby addresses, including the house across the street from the fake address.

This seemed like a potential match, because the address is just one digit off from the phony delivery address.
(Delivery Address: 1265 Sylvan Rd. ; house across the street 1266 Sylvan Rd.)
There are also clues that a 24 year-old lives in the house at 1266 Sylvan Rd.


Next, Sara wrote:

There is a Ron Smith in that Texas zip code, but he's a priest.

Sara Johnson 


Atlanta Guy wrote and sent some great photos of the area.

Thanks Atlanta Guy! Great photos!

Hey Rob -

Here are some photos.  The lot to the right of the auto salvage was vacant (same as on your Google maps shot).


Georgia Auto Salvage Incorporated
1285 Sylvan Rd. SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

AtlantaGuy also sent a photo of 2129. Sylvan Way, where our Ronald Smith might live.

A map of this area shows that this is pretty far away.

Ronald Smith
2129 Sylvan Way SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

I think Ronald Smith is a phony name used on the cell phone, and I think tracking him down is leading us in the wrong direction... but I'm not sure.

Evan wrote:


I do not live in Atlanta, but attached is a photo from Microsoft Windows Live that shows the house at the address 1265 SW Sylvan Road. Surprisingly, Microsoft did a better job than Google this time ;-)



Anonymous 77 wrote:

I read the page and there is a lot of information that points to a lot of places. Is it useful info? Couple things with this kind of investigation to remember. The bad guy wants the computers. So, he'll provide just enough information to get the computers, and the rest is likely bad info. Sometimes a smart badguy will put valid info to throw ppl off, which is what I suspect has been done with the "Ronald Smith, Austin TX" information.

So, to stay with the idea that the bad guy wants the computers, then he'll need access to the point of delivery. The point was made that UPS will likely figure out the bad address and try to fix it. So, imagine the UPS driver: He's trying to find the RIGHT address. He walks into the Auto Salvage shop trying to figure it out. He asks the guy at the counter, "Hey, I'm trying to find 1265 Sylvan." Guy at counter says, "Hum, that's strange. It doesn't exist. Who's the package for?" UPS guy says, "Jerry Edwards". Guy at counter, "Oh, yeah! Jerry works here. He's off today, but we can take the delivery. He probably put the wrong address in". Bad guy has his computers.

Remember, while the other stuff is interesting, it's not going to get the bad guy his computers!

With your promise to keep me anonymous, here's some info that I find interesting. These people are those who have EVER listed "1285 Sylvan" on a public document:

John C. Colcuitt, DOB in 1938
John C. Colcuitt, DOB in 1982 (possibly an alias or an error on an application)
Kenneth Galloway, DOB unk
Mohammad N Raja, DOB unk
Norman E Smith, DOB in 1939 - deceased

What piques my interest here is that Nick called the Salvage place and spoke to someone who didn't speak very good English. That causes "Muhammed Raja" to stand out as someone who MIGHT speak poor English. (Sounds like profiling! Call the PC Police!) Does this interesting tidbit do us any good? Not really. Still have the fact that UPS was prepared to drop two computers off at 1265 Sylvan... Point is, I'd look good and hard at whomever is at the Auto Salvage place.

Anonymous 77



I'm sorry for the multiple emails. I just keep thinking of other things.

I checked for Ronald Smith on Sylvan. I found the subject that Jeanette was talking about. His DOB is in 1936. Not the paypal thief age bracket.
Thought that this might be interesting, but maybe not that relevant. I dunno how much personal info you want to display on your website. I get a little leery about putting up the addresses. Don't want some nutcase to try and hunt these people down.

Anonymous 77



Greg T. wrote with a few great images:

The current owner of 1285 Sylvan is Mohammad Raja per the Fulton County Board of Assessors.

1265 does not have a separate parcel identification, so it is probably a second address on the same parcel. Here is a better picture of the area

2129 Sylvan way appears to be an apartment complex or town homes as shown below:
They could possibly be either the Sylvan Circle Apartment with a root address of 1950 Sylvan Rd (404.755.7134) or the Caribu Apartments with a root address of 2001 Sylvan Rd 

Good Luck! I hope this helps.

Greg T.


Ok. I plan to call Mohammad Raja and the guy across the street at 1266, but I'm going to show all this to Nick first. Thanks, everyone, for your help!


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