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Since I posted the "work at home" article, I've received many letters about herbalife signs all over the place. Below are the excerpts from those letters. The one from Hawaii is the one that really blew me away. I mean, nearly half of the herbalife cheerleading material is about what great vacations you can take your family on when you get rich,  and later I find out about distributors working diligently to mar the #1 vacation paradise in the world. Unbelievable.

"We have TONS of the same kind of sign up here as well"
Geoffrey H. Canada

I hate those signs, they're all over Dallas (especially in the suburbs of Dallas where I live)
Gerad, Texas

Thanks for that fantastic article - I have often wondered about the proliferation of those signs all over the city of Melbourne. My questions have been answered.
Adrian F. Australia

We too have "Work from Home" shite plastered everywhere in our locale.
Glen, Melborne, Australia

Those goddamn signs are popping up like spring sour grass all around here (Berkeley). You know we're in bad times when this shit starts taking over the landscape.
Tom S. California

I'm sitting in Sweden, reading your stuff 'bout Herbalife. It was a plague (spelled right?) in Sweden too, about 3 years ago, but never as visible as it seems to be in the US.
Jonas A., Skellefteċ, Sweden

just wanted to let you know how cool it was that you got to the bottom of all those damn signs...they are all over the South Bay in LA.
David D., Encino, CA

i live in upstate new york and there are tons of those signs here as well.. i've always wondered about them and now i know the truth!
Chris R, NY state, USA

I live in portland, oregon and those damn signs are a major eye sore here in the NW.
Moko, Oregon

Los Angeles is just as littered with the damn things as Sacramento. I'm half tempted to start tearing them down and dumping them in a heap outside Herbalife's giant office down by LAX. In fact, I think that might be a good start.
-Adam R., California

i live in newark, delaware and i've been tempted to jump out of my car and beat people when i drive around at night and see them posting things on telephone poles....but to litter up the few trees we have with stupid ugly signs...ugh.
stephen M., Delaware

I've seen a gazillion of those signs and always wondered what sort of "work" they were promoting.
LeeAnn, Kapolei, Hawaii

"Ya know" . . . I've often wondered what those pesky signs were. They are all over southern New Jersey, too.
Emily, New Jersey

I hate those damn signs! Thanks for the skinny on them and their odious originator.
Jonathan E., Nashua, New Hampshire

I’ll do my part to keep pulling down the signs out here in Richmond, VA
Dan B., Virginia

I can't believe Herbalife is responsible for all those signs. They're all over the place in my area, too.
Rebecca J. P., Rhode Island

Great Article on the Herbalife signs. we have the same annoying problem here in Lancaster PA.
Jon L.

Thanks for your website. Herbalife has been littering Cambridge MA, and now I know who to go after.
Hari A. Cambridge, MA

As a police officer, I applaud you and your detective skills which found out the truth behind those awful and ugly work at home signs.
Ray F., Cleveland, Ohio

Hi I'm from Fremont, CA ( Bay Area ) and I see these signs everywhere too.
johnathan L., Fremont, CA

I've torn down plenty of these signs myself from the bus shelter near my house without really thinking anything about them other than that they were unsightly.
Rob H., Minneapolis, MN

Even here in South Dakota there are signs like the ones you describe on poles and all sorts of places. David K., South Dakota

Anyway, just this very weekend I was driving locally (I live in Illinois about an hour from Chicago) and noticed some of those annoying signs...but this time THEY ACTUALLY ADVERTISED HERBALIFE!
Joan J., Illinois

Thanks for being crazy enough to research the "Make Money From Home" signs. They have been bugging the hell out of me for years now.
Susan N. J-R., Bloomington, IN

Great article about Herbalife and the "sign posting." We have those same signs in Virginia and I wondered about them. I hate those signs too!
Paul F., Virginia

I too am absolutely sickened by the amount of unkempt signs and flyers that litter our entire city. Tina, San Diego, California

I see a lot of this "work4you"-stuff on the streets of Florida. I didn't even bother to call those scan-artists. But few days ago, my girlfriend called me and offered me to join Herbalife. She told me that she made $2,000 last week, and it's very easy.
Lana, Florida

I am a nurse who recently moved back from Florida to New Jersey (my home state). I can tell you these signs are all over the place.....Florida and NJ. It is a real eyesore wherever I look. Even the rural places are becoming littered with this stuff.
Linda, New Jersey

we have that scourge here in dayton oh. the bandits started putting the signs so high on the pole that i acquired a wasp pole.
K Cooadu, Dayton, OH

By the way, the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast is covered by all of those signs also.
Holly, Mississippi

I have recently started to see the same thing you saw in you home town signs and advertisements going up all over the place.
Dr. Steve O., United Kingdom

I hate the signs in Australia. At least now I have a clue what's going on. I have a plan to use red spray paint and a stencil with "Herbalife" into it.
Anyway, all the best,

In my area where I frequent visit our shopping malls the situation is just as bad
Paul N., South Africa

I have those same signs around my neighborhood in Rockford, Illinois
Steve B., Illinois

I have seen those annoying signs all over Montgomery and Mobile. I never realized they were all from the same company.
Stephanie H., Alabama



The yellow "work from home" sign photos on this page were sent to me by Philip D. in South Africa.

I was in New York City between April 5th and 13th, 2002 writing a travelogue. I noticed a lot of herbalife "work from home" fliers in the subway and around town in both English and Spanish. Click here to see the ones I took photos of.

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