Boiling Hot vs. Cold Water Freeze-Off!   


Could boiling hot water freeze faster than cold water?

I always figured the answer was obvious: No! It can't! Duuuuhhhh.

That certainty was lost the other evening as I talked to my father about water filters. Apparently water filters not only filter particles and bacteria out of the water, they can also filter out invisible gasses that are in the water.

With this new understanding, the old question became worthy of a real-world test.

On Tuesday, home for lunch, I prepared two identical glasses of water.

I filled one glass with boiling hot water (212 degrees F, 100 degrees C), and the other with regular tap water (around 50 degrees F, 10 degrees C)


The glass on the right is the hot one. Note the steam rising off of it.



Which glass of water will be first to freeze solid? (optional)

For a sneak-peek for what is at play here, try searching on google for boiling water freezes faster.


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January 26, 2006

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