Tealight vs. Lightbulb Melt-Off!   

I'm a big fan of compact fluorescent lightbulbs. They use much less energy than their incandescent brothers and they last 8 to 10 times longer. Just putting my hand on a cool glowing compact fluorescent is enough to convince me they are a wise investment. They are so much cooler than a regular light bulb!

How much cooler? 

On Thursday evening, I conducted a little experiment with two similar chunks of ice.

The first chunk of ice was dangled above a desk lamp fitted with an 100-watt incandescent light bulb.

This experiment required approximately 30 times more setup effort than the other Cockeyed.com Science Moment melting experiments.


The second chunk was hung a similar distance from a tealight candle.


 Sure, there are no compact fluorescent bulbs in this experiment, but I was still excited to see which gave off more heat: The bulb or the candle.


What do you think will happen? (optional)


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February 3rd, 2006

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