Carl's Jr. is Headquarters for the BlueTooth Headset Dudes

After weeks of surveillance, I've found the source.

It is Carl's Jr. restaurant. (Hardee's on the east coast)

My new job at EDS is about 20 minutes away from my home, so I'm experiencing the longest commute of my life. During this commute, I began to notice an army of drivers equipped with bluetooth headsets. Where were they coming from? What is their mission?


Immediately, I began tailing them.

Actually, it was more like tailgating.

After collecting some vectors, I really got to work.

I integrated sophisticated triangulation equipment and the Google Maps API. Within hours I was able to narrow the source node with a 74% chance of success. The numbers indicated a four-acre "hot spot" of land off of Sunrise Blvd. and White Rock Road.

Bluetooth headquarters was sitting right in the center. It was Carl's Jr.

They were ordering Six-Dollar Burgers.

Utilizing the staple remover from my car's glove compartment, I disguised myself as one of them. I was able to surreptitiously snap some covert images of the HQ interior, seen here.

I'm not sure what their long-term plan is, or even if they have one, but they are so damn connected, it is just kind of scary.

Based on your own bluetooth headset observations, what might be the mission for this bluetooth headset corps? (optional)


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April 25, 2006

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