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Smoke streamed off of it, rich with tungsten oxide. We only let it burn for a second before we unplugged it. We sparked it up a few times before we decided to let it burn. The first filament glowed about 6 seconds before it melted in one spot. I hooked up another one and got similar results.

We knew the filament could be used as an igniter, and Brooke was ready for a break, so she leaned in and lit her cigarette on the glowing wire. The photo was so cool I almost took up smoking myself.
Mike lit one more cigarette, and Leif looked around for marshmallows to roast, but I had run out of filaments.
I had used 50 bulbs for my sculpture, which left me with 22 to get rid of. As everyone knows, there are only two ways to get rid of lightbulbs: 1) Throw them off of a tall building, or 2) Shoot them with BB guns.
We shot them.
After my recent disappointment with the ketchup packet bear, I had some concern that the BBs would be too weak to shatter the large, thick bulbs, but I had high hopes that it would be spectacular.

Mark and I hung them upside-down in the Cockeyed proving grounds, forming a little shooting gallery above the cement. I insisted on proper eye-protection, because it only takes one errant BB to put your eye out and condemn you to a lifetime of Piracy.

The bulbs didn't last long. A shot at the bulb would often just pierce the bulb instead of shattering it, so we concentrated our fire on the necks. Mark pegged them with a vengence, commenting, "I never get tired of the sound of breaking glass".

This unmistakable sound usually arouses negative attention, but we blasted away unnoticed.

It was all over in a few minutes, and I needed more pictures for the site. I instructed Mark to roll around in the pile of broken glass so I could take some "funny fotos". Unfortunately, he cut his face, hands, arms, feet, legs and neck into a bloody mess, and I had to drive him to the hospital immediately to avoid having him bleed to death!


Remember, guns are dangerous, always use them with caution.

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June 2, 2000
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