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Ah, Hot or not.

You probably know about hot or not, (alexa rank 746), where strangers are invited to view and rate photos on a scale of 1-10. I was recently re-introduced to this amazing website.

Ideally, a person's photo should show their personality and accurately portray their physical appearance. It is also preferable to use a photo has only one person in it.

A good solo photo isn't always handy for uploading, so there are a host of great editing techniques being used. In this article, called "Hot or Not Scratched", I've collected a few of my favorite edited photos from Hotornot.

 I hope you like them.


To get started, here is a photo with two people in it. It wasn't clear which person I was supposed to be voting on.

This is the problem that all the photos below are attempting to solve.

This is the blackout technique, where all extraneous information is removed from the image. It is perfectly clear who is being rated.

Here too, the subject has edited away all of the background. This is the whiteout.

Her shirt proclaims her to be A 8.

In this photo, an extra person was cleanly cropped out.

This is one of the best methods for cleanly identifying the subject.: The me label.

Notice how the man's face is left unmutilated? 


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