A Chevy Trailblazer, Part 2

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The Union 76 website had some very interesting information! A list of the gas stations the 8 winning entry forms were from:
  1. Visalia
  2. Campbell
  3. Concord
  4. Sacramento
  5. Sacramento
  6. San Ramon
  7. Fair Oaks (Near Sacramento)
  8. San Francisco


Three of the 8 winners were from the Sacramento area! Yes! This was indeed good news.

(Apparently the folks in Los Angeles were too busy working on the new reality-based math shows to take any good guesses)

I read this new info at about 8pm and started stomping around the house! Three winners in Sacramento! I was a shoe-in! There didn't seem to be any way I could lose! 

I let myself start dreaming of Bali! Fireworks! Limousines! Helicopter rides! Video cameras! Trumpets! Crumpets! Vegas junkets! Rock & Roll shows! Free Tulips night! Studio space! Dedicated Webservers! Registered software! Solar panels! Breathalyzers! Goldschlager! Digital micrometers! Mobile phones! Attack of the Clones! Domain names and Cocktail parties!

Mostly I just dreamed about the best damn episode of "how much is inside" EVER.


Unfortunately, that was as close as I got to winning. August 9th came and went, and despite hourly trips to the mailbox, I never got a letter from Union 76. By August 14th, I knew I was out of the winner's circle (and pretty near the direct center of the loser's circle).

Yeah, I know. LAME.  There also didn't seem to be any way to find out what the correct number had been and how far off my estimates had been.

On August 19th I sent away for the list of winners (so I could crank-call them) but I never got that either.  I'm starting to think that there is something wrong with the envelopes they use down at the Union 76 headquarters.

Please read the Epilogue.

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