Plen T Pak of chewing gum

How much is inside a pack of gum? More precisely, how much gum is in a Plen-T-Pak of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum? Nobody knows for sure, but on Wednesday, Holly and I decided to find out.


Gum is the only commodity that I know of that comes in 17-packs.  The unopened packs are the perfect-sized gum package.

A pack costs about 89 cents US.


With the waterproof yellow package opened, a magazine of chewing gum can be found underneath. Each stick of gum is wrapped in aluminum foil at the Wrigley gum factory.  They use hundreds of tiny rolls of aluminum foil.
Packs of gum come in many flavors to suit individual tastes.  My personal preference is for the unfiltered menthols.


Each piece of foil is marked with a serial number just like handguns and motorcycles.
Laid out like Doritos, a pack of gum covers about 36 square inches, or a quarter foot.
Placed end to end, they stretch to 48 7/8ths inches. ..about four feet of gum. A roll of bubble tape is a third longer, at six feet, one inch in length, but costs more than twice as much (US$2).
Personally, I refill my bubbletape container the economical way, by taping 25 sticks of gum together!

The unchewed block of gum has a volume of 2.6 cubic inches. Most of this mass is made up of sugar.  By chewing the gum until it has lost it's sweetness, I will be swallowing the sugar.  Only the gum base will be left.
Gum should be eaten much like a stack of pancakes.  I like mine with butter, blueberries and maple syrup.

What a great way to start the morning!

Here is an array of photos showing me chewing the gum.
I left out the ones of me throwing up.
TaaDaa! 30 minutes later, the gum had magically transformed
The flavorless block of chewed gum is only 0.68 cubic inches in volume, meaning that while chewing, I ate 1.95 cubic inches of sugar!

These measurements led me to come up with a simple formula for gum volume: (PlenT = 3.78abc)

The wad of gum is about the size of a wine bottle cork.
When you chew gum, be sure to keep the 17 little pieces of foil to re-wrap the wad of gum, otherwise it may result in shoe damage or loss.

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