I'm against telemarketing.
I got my very first electronic-voice telephone call
from a political candidate this primary season,
from Manny Hernandez, candidate for Assembly.
Manny Hernandez, who I don't even really know, is not getting my vote.

I also got an electronic-voice call from Dental Plan Source Inc.

I called them back at (916) 992-9960 to ask them to stop.
I was transferred to a manager.

I couldn't convince the manager that his robo-telemarketing machine
was a breach of telephone courtesy. He told me about his "do not call"
list, and reminded me about the national "do not call" list.
I asked him to throw his telemarketing computer away,
and he said he would, for $16 million dollars.

I reminded him of the many people that his phone system
annoys every day, and he countered that it was just a form of advertising.
He also let me know that 42,000 people responded to his calls,
and that lots of people need his service.

Our disagreement was heated. He accused me of wasting his time.