One evening, after a particularly onerous interaction at the drive-thru loudspeaker, I decided to develop a new ordering-code. I think car-based order-taking would be easier if I could just type my order in at a keyboard.

Most orders at McDonald's can be distilled into a five-character code.

The first character identifies the customer's sandwich (or salad) choice, from A to Z. The second character, a number identifies the customer's choice for fries or hash browns. Drink is identified with two characters, indicating size and type. Finally, a dessert choice is identified with a number.

Sandwich Fries Drink Size Drink Type Dessert
A - hamburger 1 - small a - small a - water 1. Pie
B - cheeseburger 2 -  medium b - medium b - coke 2. Sundae
C - double cheeseburger 3 - large c - large c - diet coke 3. McFlurry
D - McNuggets 6 4 - supersize d - supersize d - sprite 4. Chip Cookies
E - McNuggets 9 5 - hash browns   e - hi C 5. Cone

For example, A Chicken McGrill Sandwich, with a large order of fries, a large Dr. Pepper, and an apple pie could be known as I4dg2.
A double Quarter Pounder, with no fries, a small strawberry shake and no dessert would be a M0bk0.

  • US menu

  • Zeros indicate when an item set is not ordered.

  • Breakfast items replace the Sandwich items during morning hours.

  • McNugget sauce choices are made at the cash register.

  • McDonald's does not sell onion rings.

Find your Order Code with the form below.

Dinner Breakfast

I usually enjoy the face-to-face customer interaction at cafes, restaurants and shops, but I have developed a distaste for two-way transmitted audio communication at fast-food restaurants.

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January 24th, 2004.

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