Unsuccessful Story #6

dear rob,

i just finished reading your article on herbalife. i am 36 yrs old with a pretty good education. i, like so many people out there, just didn't want to work for somebody else any longer. i quit an $80,000 per yr job with no idea of what i was going to do for the rest of my life. well, after nearly a year of unemployment and funds running low i started looking on line for work at home opportunities.

i subscribed to the "Work From Home" pitch and spent $40 to receive a handbook, video, and cd rom from john and susan peterson. WOW! talk about motivational! i was anxious to learn about their business as i was one of the SERIOUS people who would be willing to spend the forty bucks.....

well, needless to say it was herbalife. i was connected to this lady up in the northeast part of the country who was trying to recruit me for $299. i decided to think it over and do a little more research. i called herbalife in los angeles and spoke to the distributor relations dept. they forwarded my name and number to somebody local here. it turned out to be john peterson's brother. i went to an HOM-"herbalife opportunity meeting" and i think you know the rest of the story.

i signed up as a Supervisor.... BUT!!!! for some reason, one comment made by one of the "pitchmen" at the HOM kinda stuck with me. "If Mark Hughes were still here". but then they didn't say anything else about him. i thought it was kind of strange that this corporate icon would not be mentioned in detail.

so, after i ordered my $4000 worth of "Supervisor" products, i kept thinking aout why Mark Hughes story seemed to be kept on the hush-hush. well, thank you google.com. i was turned on to more info than i was ready for. i spent a night in a sunken state of mind. i felt as though i was no longer going to strike it rich or ever see the light of the "president's club". mark hughes died form an overdose. a guy that sold health and nutrition was on anti-depressants and alcohol. his mother's story about the diet pill overdose was contradicted by her autopsy. the indictments, the lawsuits, the controversy.

nobody at that HOM meeting mentioned the fact that over 70% of the retail sales were being done overseas. i'm so glad that i found this out. my order hasn't actually arrived yet and as long as i refuse the shipment, i will (hopefully) get a credit back to my card. what a racket this company has going. you should hear the details about the business center and the cost's associated with this market...... if you'd like to hear more, feel free to write. thank you for your article. i actually feel a little better about my decision to stay away from this company.....

pc :)

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