Unsuccessful Story #3


Ah, Rob, my man, where were you when we needed you? When did you start these articles?

We checked on the internet last year when we became involved with this mess and at that time, nothing was posted on either Herbalife or "The Newest Way To Wealth" We even checked out the Better Business Bureau.

In a few short months, the implosion has resulted.... We are interested in checking out a class action lawsuit which may or may not gain anything back.

On April 10th, HBL was sold to 2 PE companies which I understood was specified in Mark Hughes" will. I have been told that HBL is just now "looking into" NWTW's marketing practices.

Actually, the product is fine, but you are correct in your analysis of how distributors are lured in and then NWTW goes after you with the supervisor "buy in". Actually the cost in CA is now $45.00 for the First Package and $299.00 for the Distributor kit. I guess anyone can lose weight with any program if they follow it. I did not use ephedrine and neither did my daughter and have never had a problem with any of the HBL products. No one has ever asked for a product refund, but they sure hate NWTW and its practices.

All of the big wigs involved in it have Rolls Royces and mansions bought by the money and hard work of the masses.

Let me know, please , if you have any information on how to get the investments back. Thank you.

H.V. Concord, CA.

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