Unsuccessful Story #3

Hey; I was so glad to see your herbalife website.
I too was a victim of their high pressure tactics.

Everything you said was true.

They cost me a small fortune; I just wish your site had been there for me to read before I joined them as a distributor last December.

I was naive enough to fall for their so called mentors advise and spent thousands on training and product, and advertising. Spent a couple hundred on advertising and in the end only was able to sell less than $100.00 worth of product

Basically all they really wanted me to do was sell the program to get other distributors signed on.

My mentor was a man named Jim from Las Vegas who kept sending me email photos of his mansion there and his Porsche that he had bought for his wife; and the whole time kept talking me into signing up and buying more things to get me into herbalife. Things like, joining the training program "Newest way to wealth." Which cost me 3 or 4 hundred dollars.
He also wanted me to use what ever credit I had left on my cards to purchase more of the program.

Anyway enough griping from me.

I'm just glad you have put it out there for everyone to see. I commend you.

Sincerely; D.G.

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