The Products


From what I've heard, the herbalife products are pretty good.

I've never tried them myself, so I'm depending on other people's opinions. The herbalife distributors that I've written swear by them, and even the people that have a hatred of herbalife marketing occasionally mention that the products are good.

Normally, if someone is selling something I tend to discount their opinion because they might be trying to make money, not tell me the truth.

The same goes for people that get a commission on sales.  For instance, the beautiful brunette woman that works at Structure in Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento.  She might actually think those pants look good on you, or she may just be trying to meet her sales goal, or bump up her IPS or win some nutty contest within the store.  Pay attention to whether or not she asks you if you want some socks to go with them.

Asking if you also want socks = Trying to meet sales goal

With herbalife, EVERYONE who tries the products is invited to sell them, so it is hard to locate someone I consider a neutral party to get unbiased information from. I can't just report the word of people who aren't selling herbalife either, because their opinion is going to tend to slant away from the products.

I also think that when your diet and your personal income are tied together, they can have a powerful motivating effect on your ability to lose weight. When you become an herbalife distributor, your appearance becomes part of your sales pitch.

Who needs willpower or a personal trainer when you have $3,000 of your savings tied up in your own dieting business?

I do not recommend this route. Don't motivate yourself by putting yourself in a hole. Desperation is a terrible force.


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