New York City Herbalife Signs

April 5-13, 2002

This one was on a "flier wall", an appropriate place for a tear-sheet of phone numbers
These two signs were in Brooklyn. The top one says "Herbalife". It is common to have the Herbalife name on the "lose weight" signs, but very rare to find them on the "work at home" signs.
This work from home flier was slipped under the plastic cover of a subway sign. I saw that quite often. The funny thing about this one was that it was posted on a "search for victims" advert from a law firm that was assembling plaintiffs for a class-action lawsuit against makers of products that contain ephedrine.

This is the all-time worst place for an herbalife "work from home" sign.

Actually, this one was in Washington D.C.
This one was in Washington D.C. too.

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