How you can help.

Help me spread a cautionary word about herbalife!

I've received many letters from across the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and Canada. Usually the letters thank me for publishing information about herbalife on the web. I realized at some point what these countries have in common: The English language.

1. Herbalife's empire reaches into many countries. Therefore I'd love to get the "work from home" story (and this epilogue) translated into Spanish, Japanese or nearly any other language to help inform people everywhere about the risks of an herbalife home-business.

2. Help keep me abreast of new herbalife marketing techniques, catch-phrases and corporate culture. I can probably help spread information that you found.

3. Finally, I love getting photos of "work from home" signs in exotic locales.

Send them to me. I am not accepting monetary donations to this project. Thank you!
-Rob Cockerham


Special Thanks to Gray Watson from TerraLycos. I salute you.

Please don't forward this article to your herbalife "mentor". It just makes them mad. Spare me the grief.

Correction: The second part of the decision kit mentions the herbalife name, and it may come with samples, which would have the herbalife name on them too. - January 1, 2003.

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