Photos are the soul of

I bought a Panasonic PV-DC1580 digital camera in August of 1998. It was $500, and I loved it. I took thousands of pictures with it.
After about a year, the tiny video display started scrolling,  it also began to have other little problems.

Finally in May 2001, I bought a new Canon PowerShot S300. I'm closing in on eleven thousand photos with this one. I take dumb photos, opportunity photos, car photos, animal photos, project photos, action photos and still-life photos.

From "How much is inside" to the travelogues to "Free Milk Night", photos are a part of almost every story.  On this menu I've listed the features that are simply batches of photos with little or no commentary.


The Point of Sale Trail

Recursive Photos from the Barbeque

Ikea's Flying Billboard

Breakdancing in Turkey

Drive Thru Menus

1000 Pictures of Ambur

Top Photos from 1998

360 degree Pixaround photos

Oh, by the way, the knock off version of the Canon's battery known as the BLI-918 is a lame version of the real Canon NB-1L battery. Don't buy one. Get the original Canon factory part if you want a 2nd battery. Seriously, ask anyone who has a knock-off Lithium Ion, they suck.

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