6' 2" height, 220 pounds weight, BMI:28

188 cm height, 100 kg, 16 stone weight

Hey Rob,
Been a fan of your web site for a couple of years now. Hope I can be of some help.

6'2" 220lbs. 39 years old.

The Reverend David "Cornelius" Johnson
Potentate of the 33rd Degree

This is a picture of me in a parade to raise money for a children's hospital.
6'2" tall

I know you already have a photo of a male in that slot but I was hoping you would be able to use my photo to give women a better visual. There is a big difference between how a curvy 220lbs woman looks next to a 220lbs man.

I know the picture is a little silly because of the outfit but I thought it would work well because it hugs my curves so you can get a real idea of my shape at that weight.


I'm 6 ft 2 in, 220 pounds. I know you already have a woman in this slot, but the more the merrier!