5' 11" height, 160 pounds weight, BMI:23

180 cm height, 73 kg, 11 stone weight

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Stephen S., Sacramento 155 pounds.

Mr. Cockerham,

I have included two images with this email.  One of them has been resized to rougly 400x550 and the other is a larger version that you may resize if necessary.  My measurements are 82  783 pounds.  Although my wife tells me I have a tendency to exaggerate a bit too much.  She insists that Im really 511 and 165 pounds.  I would be inclined to believe her measurements over mine. 

I have two websites, one of which is simply a side project.  http://www.ortort.com is my personal webpage.  Although Im a software engineer, I have little to no time to work on my own stuff which is the reason for the lack of content and design (as if you caredI also have a tendency to ramble a lot).  My side project that I have worked on with a friend is http://www.neopiaholics.com.  This of course is a help site for the wonderful kid focused website www.neopets.com .  I know you are a busy guy, so I will end this long winded email and let you get back to see how much is inside other stuff.  Keep up the great work and God bless.



5'11", 160 lbs.

hi there id love to be a part of this because i think it gives people a real representation of what different body types can look like with various heights and weights
i am 5'11" and currently weigh 160.
my name is robin and i do modeling. i have struggled with eating disorders in life life once weighing 214 pounds then going down to 139 in an unhealthy way. now i think i am at what is considered healthy for my height at 160 and not focusing on numbers like so many people do. its more about your health not the number on the scale! :)

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