5' 7" height,  190 pounds weight

170 cm height, 86.2 kg weight


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5'7" 190 lbs.

Love your site



here is my figure.  you can call me Jane.

5' 6.5", 192 pounds.

Here's a picture that I hope you can use on your site, even though it doesn't fit into the grid exactly. I'm 5'6.75", a few pounds short of 190, and always end up looking really uncomfortable when I try to smile in photographs. I think your site is great.

- Amy

Hi! I am 5-7, 190, as is in this current shot. Jack Patino

Hello! I stumbled across your page and really enjoyed it. I am currently trying to lose a lot of baby weight.

Here I am at 5'7" and 189 pounds. My name is Kiki and I live in Southern California.

I hope you include my submission. :)


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