5' 6" height, 230 pounds weight

167 cm height, 104 kg weight (16 stone)

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I am the one with the short hair- I tried to crop Rosa out of it, but to do it successfully, it would have been strangely sized. This is the only full length picture I could find. 5'6" 230 lbs.

Hey there!
My name is Angela and I noticed that my height/weight combination on your chart is EMPTY. This cannot be. Therefore I have included a couple of photos from my vacation last week!
I am 5' 6" and weight 231 pounds. These photos were taken last week, so I assume I weigh nearly the same.
I have also included a photos of my husband, Josh. He is 5' 11" and weighs 246.
Sorry the photos are so large, and I'm sure they need cropping. I lack any sort of photo editing program on my husband's computer. :(
Good luck with the project! I think it's fascinating.

And for the 5'6" and 230 slot  

I am Emily Rose B. and I weigh 230 lbs, 5'6".....vital stats are 49-43-50.


230 lbs

LaJauna F.

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