5' 5" height, 100 pounds weight, BMI:17

165 cm height, 45 kg, 7 stone weight

My name is Kasie and I'm 5'5" and between 97 and 99 pounds. I'm 19 years old, and live in Mexico :D But I'm American. Here are some pictures of me in case you want to use them. After looking at your site, I decided that I want to gain about ten pounds and be 110. I already knew I wanted to gain weight, but 110 sounds like a reachable number, and it looks nice too. (Being skinny runs in the family, that's why I'm not shooting higher). Thanks!



Hi Rob,

My name is Vickey Alvarez I am 5’5 and weigh 97 pounds.


Dennis  5'5" 100 lbs.   age 12  Karate