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5' 5" height, 90 pounds weight, BMI:15

165 cm height, 41 kg, 6 stone weight 

Hello Rob of,
Having found your wonderfully useful height/weight chart with pictures, I saw you had a slot open for someone my size.  My name is Samantha Phillips.  I'm 5'5" and 92 lbs, which approximates nicely to 165cm and 49kg. Sorry my hair's all messed up: it's windy here in Savannah!  I've sized the photo to 400x600 pixels at 75ppi as per your request.
My livejournal's and I'd like to let you know how helpful this chart is when creating characters for comic books, novels, and roleplays... the first of which I hope to do for a living!
Thank you for your time,

Samantha "Ya" Phillips

Hey my name is sherrie!
I am 5'5"-5'6", 90 lbs.
I love your site, my weight is always difficult to find on someone whose just naturally thin, so here it is. I eat healthy so please don't call me anorexic.
The shorts are size 00 and still too big for me to buy. I don't know why my size is uncommon but id like to know more moms are my size.

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