5' 5" height, 90 pounds weight, BMI:15

165 cm height, 41 kg, 6 stone weight 

Hello Rob of cockeyed.com,

Having found your wonderfully useful height/weight chart with pictures, I saw you had a slot open for someone my size.  My name is Samantha Phillips.  I'm 5'5" and 92 lbs, which approximates nicely to 165cm and 49kg. Sorry my hair's all messed up: it's windy here in Savannah!  I've sized the photo to 400x600 pixels at 75ppi as per your request.  My livejournal's http://putti_plush@livejournal.com and I'd like to let you know how helpful this chart is when creating characters for comic books, novels, and roleplays... the first of which I hope to do for a living!

Thank you for your time,

Samantha "Ya" Phillips