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5' 4" height, 250 pounds weight, BMI:43

163 cm height, 113 kg, 18 stone weight

Beth R.
Currently around 298 lbs (just had lap-band surgery) 5'4" tall, 27 years old

320 lbs picture was taken over Thanksgiving weekend 2006
250 lbs picture was taken in November of 2004

Here is a pic of me approximately 4 months after weight loss surgery...5 ft. 4 in. and 255. I topped out at 325 and am now down 73 lbs.

Hope this pic is what you were looking for. I can't wait to send in more pics as I lose more weight and hopefully hit my goal by this time next year.
I will keep you posted. Thanks for using my pic!
C.R.B. La Vernia, TX

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