5' 3" height, 370 pounds weight

160 cm height, 168 kg weight (26 stone)

My name is Lynn Ellen and my website is www.lynnellen.com

My height is 5'3" and I weigh 370. This photo was taken in September of 2006.
As an advocate of Health at Every Size and I am proud of my fat body.
I'd like to make a suggestion for the layout of your chart.

there is a function in Excel that allows you to keep the top row and/or
the left side row in view regardless of where you scroll on the chart.
although your chart isn't created in Excel, is there a way to do this,
as I had a hard time finding my cell to see if it was filled.
alternative, you could reprint the heights and the weights on the top
and right side of the chart.

Lynn Ellen

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  168 kg   = 66

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