How Much is Inside The University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt?

Three teams participating in the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt have asked to host their Scavenger-hunt-related guest episodes of How Much is Inside.

Team Snell-Hitchcock - That Fridge

While carbonated soft drink seems to be the standard fridge-filling unit, we here at Snell-Hitchcock realized that 'How Much is Inside That Fridge' could only refer to one fridge - not any old fridge, but item #13, the wood-powered fridge. We approached said fridge, truckloads of hypersweetened goodness in hand.

I coolly sized up the situation.

We began to cram every conceivable nook and cranny.

The nearly-finished product.

When all was said and done, we had loaded our little fridge with 54 cans of assorted beverages. At around 40 grams of sugar a can, that's 2,160 grams of sugar sitting in the fridge. If my calculations with the LD50 are correct (which they probably aren't), we could expect to kill 18 rats with this much sucrose. Damn.