How Much is Inside a Cocktail?

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After wowing my friends and co-workers with the sandwich calculator, some started wondering about the price of homemade cocktails. You see, if you are bothering to make and bring a sandwich to work, maybe you should be mixing drinks at your desk instead of those $10 mojitos at Centerfolds on your lunch break.

I drink beer. It is easy to figure out how much beer costs. The same goes for wine.

For cocktails, the central ingredients are easy to figure. Gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey come in 1.75 liter bottles. That converts to 59 ounces of alcohol, so a $13 bottle of plain rum divides down to 22 cents per ounce. That's the heart of any cocktail, and these first calculations are the easiest.


Essex Place Gin $11.99 - 20 per ounce
King's Bay Rum $12.99 - 22 per ounce
Bandolera Tequila $16.99 - 29 per ounce
Popov Vodka $12.99 - 22 per ounce
Kessler Whiskey $14.99 - 25 per ounce

But you need more than just these five to make most cocktails.

(Although you can come close to a Long Island Iced Tea)


Cocktails get complicated very quickly. There are a ton of different drinks, and everyone seems to have a different idea of how they should be made. Browsing through recipes, a few ingredients keep popping up, such as triple sec and pineapple juice, but these are unique recipes, so they try to throw in unique ingredients.

Triple sec $4.99 for a 750 ml bottle - 20 per ounce
Pineapple Juice $3.89 for 64 oz bottle - 6 per ounce

Special liquor, such as vermouth and Kahlua, and mixing liquor, such as peach schapps and lemoncello, are sold in 750ml bottles, which is about 25 ounces.

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part 1 2 3 4 5 calculator

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