Jenga Costume

Jenga stacking game costume

Banana Skin Coat

Making a Coat from the skin of bananas

Paper Mache Alien Fisherman

A paper mache sculpture for an alien restaurant


Optical illusion for confounding free-throw shooters at basketball games.

State of California Costume

A California costume made of foam sheet.

Paper Mache Satan

six-foot satan statue

Spring Shoes

Adding bedsprings to shoes

Aluminum Foil Wings

Building a harness and wings from corragated plastic and aluminum foil

Fire From Two Sticks

Trying to make fire with two sticks

Paper Mache Hummingbird

Paper mache hummingbird statue

Paparazzi Costume

The costume that won the ILM halloween costume contest

Matchstick Cats

matchstick and newspaper cat sculptures for the fourth of July

Fish Head Costume

Giant expanding foam and hamster ball mask

Building the California State Fair

Backstage at the County Fair exhibits at the California State Fair

Ketchup Packet Bear

Shooting practice with a 12-foot bear covered in a thousand ketchup packets

Continent of Africa Costume

Cardboard Africa Costume

Push to Cross Sign

Painted traffic signal

Giant Paper Mache Globe

Easy sculpture with an excruciating paint job.

Paper Mache Alien

Extra large party decor

Cat Coffin

Wooden Coffin design for a beloved cat

Paper Mache Elvis

My first life-sized paper mache sculpture

Index of Costumes

A list of the costumes only